27 October 2012

The Legal Battle of the Internet

I would say that it is a lot easier nowadays to look for gift ideas comparing to the days where the internet is still a baby. There are tons of information and DIY ideas on what kind of gift that you should give to someone that will surely be appreciated. But for me, it is always nice to receive a gift and I will always express my appreciation no matter what it is as long as it is heartily given. 

And only a few searches in the web will give you enormous results already. Oftentimes I read it as well that a personalized gift always have a bigger impact to the recipient. Whatever customization you do or have done, whether it is for a customized t-shirt of the World Series or personal stuff, it always has a special place to them, knowing that you have exerted some effort just to have such gift. 

Anyhow, the point here is that the world wide web is indeed a big help to everyone in getting information on everything as long as intended for the right reason and purpose. Yet it can also be as destructive as an earthquake if abused or used to inflict harm to others. In fact, we have seen a lot of legal battles already that involves what was written and published on the internet. But this doesn't mean that our rights in the first amendment were being curtailed yet we just have to cleverly use and express our wit in an appropriate manner and medium.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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