28 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (Part 2 - 2)

I don’t have any options left but to go home and get the birth certificate of my son. But I call the bank first regarding the incident but the response that I got from them is no use of help as well. So, I went home, took the birth certificate, drove back to the post office and show it to the post office personnel and he took a photocopy of it before giving it back to me together with the package that I wanted to collect. Then another surprise just shocked me when he asked, “What’s the name of this paper?” 

My sanity was blown away, not by Hurricane Sandy; upon hearing it and all is just crazy in this part of the world… it is the first thing that came into my mind at that moment. First, he doesn’t have any idea of the kind of document that I gave him. If I have just brought any kind of paper that has our son’s name on it then I could have gotten the package without the proper requirement. Second, how important is the birth certificate that it is irreplaceable with a passport? So if you have something in your mind then I would appreciate to hear it. Because this just drives me so crazy and could not understand it anymore knowing the fact that you need a birth certificate in order for you to secure a legal passport. More so that there’s more information in the passport in terms of legal custody considering that it contains the visa of my son yet that reason was also turn down when I told them so.

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