14 October 2012

Tearing Down the Fortress

In the world of gaming, it is next to impossible not to be familiar with Angry Birds. It has caught the fancy of children and adults alike. This is a game of trigonometrical calculations or miscalculations with the main purpose of tearing down the fortress of the egg-nappers who are pigs headed by the king pig himself.

The game is so easy on the mind that it tickles your childhood instincts. It tackles about how to bring the tower down with the used of the birds themselves being hurled through a giant slingshot and blowing up stuff in a consistent fashion, some birds splitting up in the air or boomerang back at a calculated point. This game is fun that even adults are hooked. New versions are coming up with different themes that add more life to the game. Themes like the space adventure that looks somewhat like the space jump of Felix Baumgartner, ice chilling scene and the like just makes it more appealing to kids or adults. 

It really helps to while away your time and takes you away from those more violent and morbid games of the assassins where one can really see how an assassin slits the throat of an unsuspecting guard or foe in the story. And you eventually end up like a walking dead creature.

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