26 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (part 1 - 2)

It was early this month when I received a call from the post office asking me where I like to deliver the package from the bank that contains documents for my son. So I told the caller if they can possibly dropped it in our local post office so that it will just be near to us. 

One day later, I got another call that the package is ready and waiting to be picked-up. Then a few minutes later, I went off to get it and I have this instinct that I should bring the passport of my son as proof of guardianship. And when I arrived in the local post office it took several minutes before they can even decide that they cannot give it to me unless I will produce them a “paper from the hospital”. 

YES, that’s the exact words or phrase perhaps that I repeatedly hear from the post office representatives in which they even concur it in their main branch. It is very weird to hear it and why on earth they don’t allow the passport of my son as proof of evidence. And they repeatedly said also that it is different from the paper from the hospital. I assume that this “paper from the hospital” that they have been talking about is the birth certificate of my son. There was absolutely a language barrier between us which I don’t have any choice as well for no one is there to translate.

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