10 October 2012

The Rivalry of Smarter Phones

I could still remember it very vividly the first mobile phone that I owned, which many have said that it is the most durable cell phone. It endures, probably not the harshest conditions but it has its own fair share of rough bludgeon, I would say. And despite the inhospitality that it sustained, it still serves its main purpose, to make and receive call and text messages. That was the important things way back then, more than a decade ago to be exact. And I believe that you know what model of mobile phone I am talking with.

But perhaps to the new generations, they probably don’t know what I’m talking about or what Nokia 5110 is? At least the internet has vast information that you can exploit to search for it if you can’t see anymore a sample specimen of this ice age model nowadays. And which I believe was already phase out in the production line long time ago or even in stores, more specifically because of the intense rivalry of smart phones. Which is fiercely fought by two giant companies as of the moment and Nokia, as I see it, seems to be lagging miles away in the backseat? In fact, they became virtually less known brand since the time I switched to the “tristar” way back 2005. 

However, Nokia is trying to comeback from the slump by introducing its own new range of smarter phones with eye catching designs and modern good looks. Many have said that it will compete in the smart phone’s tug-of-war yet that remains to be seen. 

And we will see… 

Image from wikimedia commons.

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