23 April 2013

Barcelona Demolished in Bavaria

The game is on for the best European club of 2013 and there are only four teams left to fight for that glory and honor to hold the Champions League trophy comes 25 May at Wembley Stadium. And right now, Bayern Munich is facing Barca (Europe’s best club in recent years) at the Allianz Arena in the first leg of the semi-finals. Barcelona’s demolition of Milan at Nou Camp in the round of 16 is still fresh from everyone’s memory and was considered as one of the greatest comeback after being two goals down in the first leg.

As I am reading the live comments of Bayern Munich and Barca’s match, I never expect Barcelona to be dominated at their own game although we have seen the best team in Europe already but this time it is in Germany. Bayern has already been crowned Bundesliga champions and also already in the finals of the German Cup and it seems that they are not finished yet and they want to become the first Bundesliga team to win a treble. At the moment, they are on course of achieving such fate.

I have said that because Bayern just finished dismantling favorites Barca with a stunning 4-0 win and it was Barcelona’s worst defeat in the Champions League. Although they previously came back from a 0-2 loss at San Siro but history is not on their side as no teams who lost four goals in the first leg still gone to the next round. With that alone, it looks like it’s impossible for the Catalan superstars to overturn the huge deficit at Camp Nou on the first of May yet it is also very interesting to know if they can recover from a four-goal defeat.

I doubt it and probably will surely not.

NB: Image from wikipedia.

14 April 2013

Terror At The Finish Line

The annual Boston Marathon is celebrated on the third Monday of April which is the Patriot’s Day in Massachusetts. The marathon is known to be the world’s oldest running annual marathon and according to Wikipedia, it ranks as one of the world’s best known road racing events and also one of the six World Marathon Majors.
News reports say that the race started with a 26 seconds of silence to honor the victims of the San Hook Elementary School shooting. Many are ecstatic to participate in the annual marathon including spectators themselves but the 117th edition of the mass participation Boston Marathon was marred by bomb explosions just several meters from the finish line. There were at least two explosions that happened only seconds apart which leaves three people dead and more than 150 wounded or injured.

The bombing in Boston Marathon which is usually a family event and gathering unexpectedly turns into a bloody scene of destruction as human flesh and bloods are scattered around the twin bomb explosions that eventually became a terror at the finish line. Reports said, at least 3 people were killed including an eight year old boy who is cheering for his father who joined the marathon. More to it that his younger sister was severely injured with leg injuries and his mother was treated with head injuries related to the explosions.

The Boston Marathon Bombings, I would say, is a senseless act of terrorism and cowardice as it involved the loss of life of an innocent child and several clueless children got injured. And no matter how big, how deep and serious that resentment may be, it is not just justifiable when you recklessly involve the life of the innocent little angels.

NB: This has been posted in two of my blogs and in the one owned by my wife. The image is from wikimedia commons.

03 April 2013

Fighting for Freedom

I just want to re-post a video from an old post that I made almost two years ago. It is not only about the music and the rhythm of it but most especially the strong words that was used in the lyrics in order to at least feel what freedom is yet it wasn't that simple to bring peace. And how I wish there's another way that we don't have to fight for it and much worse to die from oppression just to have what we called FREEDOM...!

Listen to the music and enjoy your freedom while you still have one.