28 January 2012

The Irony of Having Higher Education

Many would say that education is the only treasure that parents can give to their children that cannot be stolen by anyone. Many also believe that having a formal education is the means of developing our intellect and learning more knowledge in order to prepare us in the real world. At some point I have to agree on those statements yet those were just half of what you’re going through once you got a degree or diploma.

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That is because there are a lot of successful personalities out there who are drop-outs and don’t even have a business administration and management degree yet they became millionaire. But even so, I noticed that most of these college drop outs are inexplicably talented when they’re still a child, just like the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. And another common thing among them is that they became entrepreneurs without attending any business administration courses.

Despite the financial and economic crisis, there are still a lot who have attended and took business administration courses. Maybe because the global financial crisis could just be temporary and once it bounce back, it will have a bigger impact thus making the business administration job outlook a better and having a more promising situation.

23 January 2012

Techie She's Weekly Giveaway is Back

This is will be a quick post to let everyone know that Techie She's Weekly Giveaway is back and it starts today. You may want to heed your way over to her blog to check out and join one of the easy way to earn some moolah.

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22 January 2012

La Liga and Premier League Commentaries

Valencia’s continued lackluster run in their last two games made the La Liga fixture became a two way battle between league leader Real Madrid and Barca. The gap from second and third stands at seven points already and Valencia cannot afford another drop in points as Levante and Espanyol are also trying to narrow it.

Athletic Bilbao would try to spoil Real Madrid’s three game winning streaks while Malaga will do to taste what its like to win again by facing Barcelona. Which I would say that is not very unlikely to happen considering Barca’s horrible away from home record. Barcelona won only three games in their last nine away matches with one loss and has drawn the rest of the games. Real Madrid on the other hand, has so far had impressive stats with only two losses (one from Barca) a draw and an exceptional fifteen wins, so it would be a stiff climb for Athletic to win.

In the Premier League, it is again another disappointing day for Newcastle and Liverpool as both lost their respective matches and stalled their chances of catching up in the leader board. While Chelsea was unable to cut down the Spurs lead of six points as they are forced to a goalless draw with the newly promoted Norwich City.

Man City will face third place Tottenham, who are trying to defend their three point lead from Manchester United. While ManU is trying to catch up with city rivals Man City and a win at Arsenal will tie them in points but would still remain second place because Man City thrashed ManU with a humiliating 6-1 loss at Old Trafford last October. And Tottenham will try to cut the lead to at least two points yet they are also facing their own roadblock as Man City has never been defeated at Etihad Stadium this season at a span of 10 games already. And for the record, it was only Arsenal who gave them a hard time playing football and it was already in the second half that Manchester City scored the only goal of the match.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

17 January 2012

The Other Half of Crucial January Month

It only took 22 minutes of playing time before Man City sealed another game and back at the top of the Premier League. Many would expect such result considering that Wigan Athletic lies at the bottom of the table. Yet they played a descent and tight game last night and made Man City players sweat out real hard with a 1-0 win.

Dzeko’s timely and precise header at 22 minutes of the game found the back of the net that became the only goal of the match. And the gap between the second and third spot starts to open up a little bit and could be stretched farther when they (Tottenham) face Man City at Etihad Stadium. More so that the odds are not at their side as Man City has still to taste defeat, unbeaten in the last 10 games at their own turf this season.

Lazio and Inter’s game on Sunday 22 January is crucial for both teams. As Lazio’s loss last January 7 became a big blow as it closes the gap and Inter is knocking at its door with only a point that separates them now. An Inter win will knock off Lazio in the fourth spot and Inter’s loss will widen Lazio’s gap by at least four points. Udinese and Milan on the other hand, will try to bounce back from its own defeat though they will face a separate foe. Milan will take on bottom dweller Novara and Udinese will face struggling Catania.

16 January 2012

Football's Midseason Matchpack Disappointments

It is Monday… and there hasn’t any changes (barely much) with the games last Saturday and yesterday. Although there are ups and downs or should I say more with the frustrating side when you don’t expect to happen it to teams at this crucial month of January.

The results in the Premier League’s matchpack at the weekend were more on surprises or disappointments, perhaps. First was Tottenham’s pursuit of at least a tie in the top spot was spoiled with a 1-1 draw at home by Wolverhampton. Although Chelsea managed to maintain its spot with a slim win over Sunderland but Arsenal wasn’t lucky enough when they were outplayed and outclassed by the newly promoted Swansea that dealt a significant blow to their hopes to be in the top four. While Liverpool just salvage a goalless draw at home after defeating league leader Man City in the midweek, stalling their chance to go up on the ladder.

Perhaps the only good thing was ManU’s thrashing of the bottom dwellers Bolton, which was expected. And Man City’s game tonight against the league’s bottom side, Wigan, is crucial if they want to separate themselves at the top with 48 points of city rivals ManU.

Elsewhere across Italy, they also have their own disappointing moments as Milan slipped up with city rivals Inter in their first derby at San Siro subsequently giving up the top spot to Juve, who at the same time only manages a 1-1 draw against Cagliari. Udinese wasn’t fortunate as well and only Inter and Lazio continued to narrow the gap from the leaderboard, reviving their hope of bringing home the Scudetto.

15 January 2012

The Crucial January Month

As the second half of football season has started kicking off, so does the nerve wreaking suspense if the league leaders will hold on to their respective spot. Real Madrid for that matter was able to salvage a 2-1 comeback victory and stretched their lead over Barca to eight points. But a win by Barcelona at Nou Camp tomorrow will trim the deficit back to five, while Valencia was unable to keep up the pace as they lost at home to Real Sociedad.

While across in the English Channel, the title chasing Spurs wasted a chance to joined league leaders Man City and ManU after they were held with a stunning draw at home by the relegation threatened Wolverhampton. But the opposite happened at Old Trafford as ManU don’t seem to have trouble manhandling Bolton and avoid a three-game losing streak. With the result, they are now level on points with city rivals Man City but The Blues could take back the lead if they win at bottom club Wigan Athletic on Monday.

And in Serie A, the only game was abandoned due to persistent rain which will be replayed in a later date. So Sunday is a big day for the league leaders, Milan and Juve, if they can hold on the top two spot. The Rossoneri’s has a big obstacle as they face city rival, Inter, at the San Siro. Whereas, Juventus is pretty much confident as they haven’t tasted a defeat as of the moment this season.

By Monday, 16 January, we’ll see if there will be shaking up of standings as the intensity are heating up in the crucial January month. Whoever survives January will have a bigger chance of taking home the silverware.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

13 January 2012

The Effects of Middleman in the Health Care System

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.

Local pharmacies is a big help most especially to the elderly since they don’t have to go far to get their prescriptions refilled. But with the recent negotiation fallout between Walgreens and Express Scripts it seems that it will become a big headache to everyone now. This will become a big hassle in the health plans of the customers not only that they might change their pharmacist but also they have to live inconveniently considering that Walgreens have more 24-hour and drive-thru pharmacies than any other.

Although not all patients will be affected in this issue and only those insurance plan holders managed by Express Scripts are affected. Check the back of your prescription insurance card if it has Express Scripts’ name on it and if not then you are not affected. Despite the situation, Walgreens are making steps to minimize the disruptions of their services by offering a special discount on annual membership. So the January promotion for Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens will only be $5 and $10 for individual and family membership, respectively.

Not only are the ordinary customers affected in the situation but also that in the Tricare network because it takes care the health and prescription drug program of the US military personnel and their dependents.
To stay updated for any changes (if there is), you can follow Walgreens on Twitter or like Walgreens on Facebook.

12 January 2012

The Title Race is so Intense

I've been a football (the real football and not American football) fan for quite sometime and was following every game of my teams. First in the list that I avidly follow is Real Madrid… that is because of Ronaldo. Not C-Ron (I used to hate him when he was still at ManU) but the “Samba Boys” member. Then it snowballed from there and it’s no longer La Liga games that I’ve been chasing but also the Serie A and the Premier League. And the 2011-2012 seasons is full of tension in all three leagues for none of the league leaders were able to build a comfortable lead.

In Serie A, AC Milan is tied with Juve at the top while a few teams chasing them. While in Spain, it seems there’s only three teams fighting for the top spot although Madrid is enjoying a 5-point advantage from Barca at the moment. And across the English Channel, it used to be city rivals Man City and ManU at the top of the leaderboard but a sudden twist of fate has brought the three teams (Tottenham is tie with ManU) with unexpected news.

What is more interesting in the month of January is the looming El Clasico that will start on 18 January at the Bernabeu. They already have met three times this season and the latest one was a Barca win at Madrid’s turf last month. While the coming match-up is for the Copa del Rey quarterfinals and The Meringues is trying to defend the only title they have last season. So keep on watching because next week is yet another crucial game that would decide which team will emerge on top at the end of the month.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

10 January 2012

There’s Gold for Every Garbage

This post brought to you by Contest Factory. All opinions are 100% mine.

Who would have thought that having a disorganized (I just use that term so not to be obvious and be blatant) workplace or cubicle in your office or home could land you some great reward. And before you get crazy about it let me tell you some of the bold prices at stake. Your messy (I cannot hold it anymore) cubicle has the chance to take away one of three prize packages like; new high end computer system, new office furniture and  not but not the least, a new entertainment package with high end stereo, espresso machine.

How’s that? Is that not enticing yet for you?

If it does then here’s what you need to do. Shot a video of your messy and disorganized cubicle or workplace and let everyone know why it is so horrible and why it is important that it needs a makeover. Or should I say, “Pimp your cubicle”? Remember that it is very important that you must have the worst of all work area because that is the point for this contest. Once you’re finished, you can then upload your video at the Contest Factory or Pimp My Cube Contest.

As of the moment you have more time to think about your videography before the contest ends on 31 January 2012 at 12:00PM. You can visit the Pimp My Cube website to know more of the contest and if you still have other things to know that wasn’t included here.

By the way, I forgot to tell you that the contest has a total grand prize value of $1200 but that’s not all because you might be able to grab a sweepstake prize of $200 gift card at the end of the contest. So grab your video and start rolling the film. Kindly check the video below for more information.

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