28 January 2012

The Irony of Having Higher Education

Many would say that education is the only treasure that parents can give to their children that cannot be stolen by anyone. Many also believe that having a formal education is the means of developing our intellect and learning more knowledge in order to prepare us in the real world. At some point I have to agree on those statements yet those were just half of what you’re going through once you got a degree or diploma.

image from wikimedia commons
That is because there are a lot of successful personalities out there who are drop-outs and don’t even have a business administration and management degree yet they became millionaire. But even so, I noticed that most of these college drop outs are inexplicably talented when they’re still a child, just like the co-founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg. And another common thing among them is that they became entrepreneurs without attending any business administration courses.

Despite the financial and economic crisis, there are still a lot who have attended and took business administration courses. Maybe because the global financial crisis could just be temporary and once it bounce back, it will have a bigger impact thus making the business administration job outlook a better and having a more promising situation.


  1. I somewhat agree. Education is limited inside the classrooms. Misconception of other people is if they have PhD they will more likely to prosper than others who don't. Experience is still the best teacher.