22 January 2012

La Liga and Premier League Commentaries

Valencia’s continued lackluster run in their last two games made the La Liga fixture became a two way battle between league leader Real Madrid and Barca. The gap from second and third stands at seven points already and Valencia cannot afford another drop in points as Levante and Espanyol are also trying to narrow it.

Athletic Bilbao would try to spoil Real Madrid’s three game winning streaks while Malaga will do to taste what its like to win again by facing Barcelona. Which I would say that is not very unlikely to happen considering Barca’s horrible away from home record. Barcelona won only three games in their last nine away matches with one loss and has drawn the rest of the games. Real Madrid on the other hand, has so far had impressive stats with only two losses (one from Barca) a draw and an exceptional fifteen wins, so it would be a stiff climb for Athletic to win.

In the Premier League, it is again another disappointing day for Newcastle and Liverpool as both lost their respective matches and stalled their chances of catching up in the leader board. While Chelsea was unable to cut down the Spurs lead of six points as they are forced to a goalless draw with the newly promoted Norwich City.

Man City will face third place Tottenham, who are trying to defend their three point lead from Manchester United. While ManU is trying to catch up with city rivals Man City and a win at Arsenal will tie them in points but would still remain second place because Man City thrashed ManU with a humiliating 6-1 loss at Old Trafford last October. And Tottenham will try to cut the lead to at least two points yet they are also facing their own roadblock as Man City has never been defeated at Etihad Stadium this season at a span of 10 games already. And for the record, it was only Arsenal who gave them a hard time playing football and it was already in the second half that Manchester City scored the only goal of the match.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

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