16 January 2012

Football's Midseason Matchpack Disappointments

It is Monday… and there hasn’t any changes (barely much) with the games last Saturday and yesterday. Although there are ups and downs or should I say more with the frustrating side when you don’t expect to happen it to teams at this crucial month of January.

The results in the Premier League’s matchpack at the weekend were more on surprises or disappointments, perhaps. First was Tottenham’s pursuit of at least a tie in the top spot was spoiled with a 1-1 draw at home by Wolverhampton. Although Chelsea managed to maintain its spot with a slim win over Sunderland but Arsenal wasn’t lucky enough when they were outplayed and outclassed by the newly promoted Swansea that dealt a significant blow to their hopes to be in the top four. While Liverpool just salvage a goalless draw at home after defeating league leader Man City in the midweek, stalling their chance to go up on the ladder.

Perhaps the only good thing was ManU’s thrashing of the bottom dwellers Bolton, which was expected. And Man City’s game tonight against the league’s bottom side, Wigan, is crucial if they want to separate themselves at the top with 48 points of city rivals ManU.

Elsewhere across Italy, they also have their own disappointing moments as Milan slipped up with city rivals Inter in their first derby at San Siro subsequently giving up the top spot to Juve, who at the same time only manages a 1-1 draw against Cagliari. Udinese wasn’t fortunate as well and only Inter and Lazio continued to narrow the gap from the leaderboard, reviving their hope of bringing home the Scudetto.

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