12 January 2012

The Title Race is so Intense

I've been a football (the real football and not American football) fan for quite sometime and was following every game of my teams. First in the list that I avidly follow is Real Madrid… that is because of Ronaldo. Not C-Ron (I used to hate him when he was still at ManU) but the “Samba Boys” member. Then it snowballed from there and it’s no longer La Liga games that I’ve been chasing but also the Serie A and the Premier League. And the 2011-2012 seasons is full of tension in all three leagues for none of the league leaders were able to build a comfortable lead.

In Serie A, AC Milan is tied with Juve at the top while a few teams chasing them. While in Spain, it seems there’s only three teams fighting for the top spot although Madrid is enjoying a 5-point advantage from Barca at the moment. And across the English Channel, it used to be city rivals Man City and ManU at the top of the leaderboard but a sudden twist of fate has brought the three teams (Tottenham is tie with ManU) with unexpected news.

What is more interesting in the month of January is the looming El Clasico that will start on 18 January at the Bernabeu. They already have met three times this season and the latest one was a Barca win at Madrid’s turf last month. While the coming match-up is for the Copa del Rey quarterfinals and The Meringues is trying to defend the only title they have last season. So keep on watching because next week is yet another crucial game that would decide which team will emerge on top at the end of the month.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

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