30 December 2012

No Christmas Break at EPL

I thought the football season gas gone for Christmas break so I didn't bother to open the sports section that I often checked every time there’s an upcoming game whether it is their league games or the Champions League. But to my surprise the Premier League don’t seem to know what Christmas is all about since they still have games last 26 Dec and 29 Dec. And if I wasn't watching the news on TV, I wouldn't know it and will miss again Manchester City’s game again.

Man City is already seven points behind city rival and league leader ManU as they lost away to Sunderland last 26 Dec. And their game last night against Norwich City was a nerve racking match right up to the added injury time which they eventually prevail. At first, I thought they’ll have a comfortable win as Man City went to an early 2-0 lead within four minutes after kick-off, courtesy of Dzeko. But Norwich was able to maintain their composure and fought back up to the end despite conceding two quick goals. 

It was an entertaining match yet very stressful especially in the last 10 minutes of the game just right after Norwich made its third goal and is trying to close the gap as The Blues was forced to play the second half with 10-man when Nasri was given a straight red card just before the half time whistle was blown.

Image from wikimedia commons.

28 December 2012

Dexter Season 7 Finale

Dexter Season 7 has reached its penultimate episode and the tension is growing while LaGuerta is closing in with his suspicions about him as the Bay Harbor Butcher. And I still could see Hannah as a liability for Dexter but not seeing the end of LaGuerta’s character. I have said that because we all know that whoever knows Dexter’s dark secret must and has to go yet LaGuerta doesn’t fit to his long established code.
I am pretty sure that LaGuerta will be killed at the end of this season but can’t figure it out how she’ll be killed though. Also if Hannah will still be around next season or she will be killed, eventually, before the season ends. And there’s this interesting thrill of how she’s going to disappear in the storyline. And of how Dexter executes his plan of killing her, if she will be. 

But then, all of the electrifying moment that I have came to an end when the free website that I’ve been using to watch all of my favorite TV series has to unfortunately remove all of the links because of their new TV shows project and will have a new design and brand new name. The only good thing is that it will be back early next year and I have to wait for several weeks to finally watch the finale of Dexter Season 7.

Image from wikimedia commons.

23 December 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone

Recently, you’ll find many posts in this blog about sports that I love watching but never able to play them. But in the coming week it seems that I have to rest my mind thinking what to write about my favorite sports since they are also on Christmas holiday break. And I am sure they are wishing to spend some quality and happy holidays with their loved ones despite the only short break they have. 

And by early January, the tennis season will start and the first grand slam will be competed once more but there will be no Nadal at the Australian Open. If ever he will compete, he won’t be thinking of winning more matches as early at this time but will focus instead on his rehabilitation of his injured knee. 

The European football on the other hand will have an intense competition as they resume the battle in their own leagues for the coveted championship trophy. Although it wasn’t only about silverware but the pride to be champions and the bragging rights for one whole season are what matter most.

22 December 2012

The Slumping of Real Madrid Never Ends

With the way Barca and Atletico playing, there seems no way for Real Madrid of catching in the leaderboard. And another defeat last night at Malaga didn’t help the plan of resurgence and a repeat of La Liga trophy is nearly impossible yet statistically possible but that if Barca and Atletico will have a long spill of winless games next year. Unless Real Madrid starts winning again and a defeat of 4 or 5 games by leaders Barcelona will bring them back in contention but even that seems very unlikely.
With another Barca and Atletico win, the former heads into the Christmas break with insurmountable nine points lead at the top of the table. While the slumping Real Madrid is sixteen points adrift in the sinkhole with defeat last night at Malaga and a draw at home with struggling Espanyol. The Los Blancos’ fourth defeat of the season is two more than their entire defeats last season and all they can do to possibly raise a trophy is to concentrate in Copa del Rey and in the Champions League. Although they have a tricky path in the latter as they are paired with Manchester United in the last 16 draw.

Image from wikimedia commons.

21 December 2012

Results of the Champions League Last 16 Draw

Finally the Champions League last 16 draw is out and some experts have predicted the results as it was drawn with seeming accuracy. There are reports a few days back that PSG players don’t want or would like to avoid facing Real Madrid at this early stage of the pairings. We all know that there are weaker teams included in the list and I think only Porto is fortunate enough not to face a much stronger opponent. Whereas, Real Madrid has to face the giant of the Premier League, ManU, which could be the most talk pairs when the games restarts on 13 February 2013.
The in-form Barca faced Milan and I’m sure they won’t face that much defiance as Milan is struggling to find their rhythm when Ibra and Thiago Silva moved to big spending PSG. That goes also to last season’s runner-up Dortmund as they are paired with Shakhtar Donetsk. PSG may do as well as Valencia is not also doing well in La Liga this season and have some inconsistent matches. In the end, champions Real Madrid and ManU has much thrill to watch although the former is still struggling at La Liga but they have great games in the knockout stage considering that are in the group of Death.

Image from The Times.

17 December 2012

The Slumping Real Madrid

I watched how pathetic the Los Blancos played at home against the struggling Espanyol who is now sitting at the bottom second in La Liga standings. In fact, it was Espanyol who made the first goal at the expense of defensive laziness in the back four. Although they actually came back in contention when CRon made a lovely first touch goal from Khedira in injury time just before half time.

Then in the second half CRon made a lovely reverse pass to Coentrao to silent the doubters and the Bernabeu crowd erupted in joy. And as time is waning, Espanyol started to become a threat at the back and it was only a matter of time when they’re going to make another goal. And indeed the defensive lapses of Real Madrid had cost them the valuable three points in trying to cut the already huge gap from La Liga leaders Barca.  

Real Madrid exposes their weakness again at the back by leaving several players without defenders during corner kicks in which Espanyol have capitalized in the 88th minute. This situation has been going on in almost all of Real Madrid’s defeat this season. Instead of cutting Atletico Madrid’s 5-point advantage to just two, all they can do is settle for a draw and salvage a single point which is not enough to be back in title contention.

Image from wikimedia commons.

15 December 2012

Taking Care of a Very Sensitive Child

Time run so fast and it was only not long ago when we have sleepless nights when our son was born. Now that he is 2 ½ years old, we have different concerns already. Gone is the sleepless night and comes the constant monitoring of him as he explores his new surroundings. We have to keep an eye on him as he is prone to injuries, him being a hyper-active kid and he is at the age where they call it the terrible two. More so that he already injured himself a few months back when he fell and broke his collar bone. 

I could still remember those days when we are planning of what baby boy nursery bedding we will get for him paying particular attention on the type of fabric since he has a very sensitive skin. He eventually was diagnosed of having Eczema that until know the cause cannot be pinned on a single causative agent. Together with it the list of foods that he is allergy of and others that he could be allergy with. We already knew that he is allergy to certain specie of fish and it was recently that we came to know that he is also allergy to peanut butter but not to cashew nuts. 

We are also very careful in choosing his clothes as what they are made of since it will easily affect his skin and it will suddenly get irritated if not taken cared of.

13 December 2012

Real Madrid Woes Continue

Losing too much games isn’t good if you are going to defend a title especially when other teams are stepping up their play in a higher level. And it’s the reason why Real Madrid is only third in La Liga standings this season. Although it is still too early to tell if the defending champions will not be able to fight their way back in the title race and become a threat to Barcelona and Atletico Madrid. 

image source
The recent away loss of Los Blancos at Real Betis (Copa del Rey match) doesn’t seem to show that they are back in contention despite winning against city rival Atletico Madrid. With already three losses in La Liga and five draws, it is by far another worse start of the season by Real Madrid and they have to climb and very long ladder in order to catch up with Barca at top of the standings. Currently, they are eleven points adrift from the leaderboard and are five points down from second place Atletico Madrid after beating Los Indios at the Bernabeu last weekend. 

That probably can be cut to two points next week if Los Blancos will win at Real Valladolid and Atletico Madrid lost to title contender Barca who still have to taste defeat this season. At the moment, Barcelona has won all their La Liga matches except for a single draw at the Bernabeu during the first El Clasico.

08 December 2012

The Champions League Saga

The Champions League last 16 teams were identified just a few days back and history is written in record books when the defending champions, Chelsea, became the first team to be knocked out of the elimination. They only manage to grab third place despite winning a big margin in their last match because Juve won in a slim margin although they can still play in the second tier, the Europa League.

While Man City continued their dreadful and pathetic games in the European League by not winning a single match in the elimination and eventually are at the bottom of group D which they associate as the group of death. For the main reason that teams picked in the group are either previous champions or defending champions of their respective leagues.

And as the Champions League season took a break in the grueling European matches, the date for the draw of the last 16 teams is just several days away. We will know by 20 December who will be paired with the best and greatest teams as Barca tries to get back in getting more silverware. Real Madrid on the other hand, is trying to add another Champions League trophy to their already illustrious history with a record nine UEFA Champions League trophies.

For the meantime, while waiting for 20 December, let's just watch Manny Pacquiao slug it off again with Juan Manuel Marquez in the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4.

Image from wikimedia commons.

07 December 2012

Who’s to Blame: The Jacintha Saldanha Case

The highly publicized hospitalization of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, became full blown news when a nurse from the hospital that she was admitted was found dead. Considering that any information that you can get from the royal family’s hospitalization will be much read by everyone so a prank call has been made. Kate was admitted due to severe morning sickness and everyone would want to know her condition and any first hand information is great news. 

Then a few days after her admission at King Edward VII Hospital, Australian DJ’s made a prank call impersonating as Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip and ask for Kate’s condition. And when the call became sensationalized and made worldwide news, the nurse who transferred the call to the room of Kate Middleton was found dead the following day apparently taking her own life. Initial reports from authorities pointed out no foul play as there were three suicide letters that nurse Jacintha Saldanha left. 

The situation eventually captured the attention of everyone and went to social media to express their outrage of what the Australian DJ’s have done. That on the other hand has also created different stands and that the DJ’s should not be blamed of what has happened to Jacintha Saldanha.

Image from wikimedia commons.

15 November 2012

Strange and Ironic Again

As I mentioned in my previous post “The Strange and Irony of 2012 Season” in tennis, here’s another strange yet very interesting happening as each of the top four players become grand slam winners. It means that each player only have one grand slam title under them in this season. No one was able to dominate each other to take home more than one silverware. What is more strange and interesting to know is the fact that each of them (the top four players) never played quite well after winning their particular Grand Slam.
image from wikimedia commons

Take a look at this, Djokovic was superb at the Australian Open and seems so flawless whoever was at the opposite side of the net but wasn’t able to duplicate such performance in the French Open. Being the king of clay, Nadal proved it once again that clay is his turf and he eventually made records in the history books when he captured his seventh French Open title. And the same thing with Nole, Nadal showed a very lackluster showing at the grass court of Wimbledon as he was heading for an early exit and only reached round two. Then it eventually made him miss out the games for the rest of the season.

It leaves to the hands of Federer and Murray to slug it out but the former showed a youthful performance in his favorite court and snatched the Wimbledon from Murray after losing the first set. More to it that the maestro is almost 31 years old but he only managed to reach the quarterfinals at the US Open. That was eventually won by Murray en route to his first ever Grand Slam title and many believe, at that time, that he has played great tennis going to the indoor hardcourt season. But eventually lost to the maestro in the semi-finals of the ATP World Tour Finals then predicted that Federer will lose in the finals as well. Since 2003, there haven’t had four different Grand Slam champions.

13 November 2012

Making Things Differently with your Photos

As I am trying to learn and practice how to take pictures using DSLR, there are several factors that hinders my skills (that if I have one also) to move forward in capturing what I would say a stunning snapshots. I have added several gadgets already like my 2-month old 50mm 1.8 prime lens but I am the type of person who loves to capture what nature can offer so a very good wide angle lens is a must for me. The kit lens (18-55mm) that I have isn’t enough and I am not satisfied with the results that I got during our trip in Palawan especially those in El Nido. 

And while I am still trying to save for the lens that I want, I slowly read online tutorials, watch videos given by a friend who at the same time giving me tips in photography then tried to apply all of them by practicing constantly. Since I have enough time to browse the internet, I run across a website that offers personalization of your own photos. Snaptoshop is the name of the company. Snaptoshop UAE and snaptoshop Jordan are the main branches who simply turn your most treasured captions into gorgeous quality prints and canvas. 

You name it and they all have what you are looking and needed for your photos. You can create photo book, add effects and online photo printing so you’ll have a personalized wall d├ęcor. One promising offer that they have is they will deliver your customized items to your doorstep wherever you live since they have a snaptoshop worldwide service located at the heart of Dubai.

11 November 2012

The Strange and Irony of 2012 Season

The tennis world is very quite at this moment and there seems nothing big to write as well since the last Grand Slam of the year is finished except for the ongoing ATP World Tour Finals. And Andy Murray has finally put to an end for Britain’s long wait of 76 years before having another grand slam winner. I am not making this post to reminisce that event since I am not a big fan of him because I still want the maestro to extend his 17 grand slam titles. Although right now it is quite slim because of his age and also there are plenty of very competitive and much younger players. 

I was making this post because I bumped in one of the tennis column several months ago and it was only this time that I have the chance to write on it. This year, unlike the previous year, the top four players has own each of the four grand slams and no one dominates each other. They have their own fair share of superiority and mediocrity. And I never expected Federer to come back on top of the rankings considering how Djokovic and Nadal played last year. 

What is very strange and ironic in this year’s grand slam winners is the manner of how the four of them won it. We all know that when the 2012 season has started, it was Djokovic who occupies the top spot coming from a very impressive 2011 season. He is followed by Rafa then the Maestro and finally Andy Murray. And so here’s the catch, if you look at the winners of each grand slam, you will notice that they won it according to their rankings when the season started. Take a look at it below. 

1. Australian Open – Djokovic 

2. French Open – Nadal 

3. Wimbledon – Federer 

4. US Open – Murray 

Did you notice it before I pointed it out here? And you think the strange things just stop right there? There’s more to come in my next post and it is also related to this one.

10 November 2012

An Avenue to Share your Thoughts

How updated are you about the current trends? How much do you know about the latest events around the globe? I've known people who says that the lesser you know, the lesser your life gets complicated. For sometime, I agreed on that but being oblivious and passive about the things happening around us is also a crime. What I mean to say is, we can express what we think about an issue in a constructive manner to become part of the solution rather than choosing to be the other way around. 

Are you on a dilemma of having no sensible friend to talk to? Are you looking for a place where to join the respectful conversation? Then perhaps Einstein Advice is the site for you. In this venue, the trending topics of the day will be summarized, discussed and analyzed through the ideas or wisdom of famous historical individual. It is not necessarily about politics, as a matter of fact, that is the least intention of any forum but significant news of any topic will be subjected to thorough analysis for the purpose of growth and learning. 

So if you have lots of things in mind that you want to share to the world, this is the venue you should frequently visit. Today’s issues.. yesterday’s wisdom: so go now and share your thoughts!

08 November 2012

The Odd Episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

I was watching one of my favorite TV series, Grey’s Anatomy, today and since I wasn't able to start from the beginning of the episode, I was lost whether it was a new season or not. This is not the first time that I had this weird feeling about how Grey’s Anatomy went on from the last time I watched it. I must admit that it’s really been a long while since the last time I have seen an episode. If I remember it right, the last episode that I've watched was when Izzie came back in the show in season six. I don’t know what happened since then as I become active in blogging and was busy watching other TV series that I am also hooked up.
The first time that I felt that there’s something different going on in Grey’s Anatomy was last month when I accidentally saw an episode while switching channels back and forth and they are singing. And I thought that maybe it is a new image of Grey’s Anatomy that they turn out to become a musical medical drama series. Though it didn't yet I just found the episode very odd. 

And the episode that I've seen today was totally different because of the several characters that I've noticed. There was the mother of Meredith  Lexie became an addict which was brought by Sloan in the ER who had a cardiac arrest and Dr. Hunt and Callie have three kids (perhaps they’re married too) while Dr. Avery don’t recognized Sloan that he is a doctor then Meredith and McDreamy isn't married too. I know that it wasn't a very old season knowing that Dr. Avery was introduced in season six and I religiously followed every season before that. What really caught my attention is the introduction of Meredith’s mother because it’s a fact the she already died in season three of cardiac arrest. 

Well, there’s only one thing that could surely erase this confusion and that is to start watching Grey’s Anatomy again. How I wish I have that much time to do everything.

Image from wikimedia commons.

06 November 2012

The Seventh Season of Dexter

The presence of modern technology especially the internet has made the life of people easy because most of the transactions are done online already. Even gift ideas are a lot easier to find now than before. All you have to do is to search it on the web and you’ll find so much out there to choose. There are so many things already that the internet can do to people, like watching a report of recent events on ABC News or watch your favorite TV series.

And speaking of TV series, it was only yesterday that I started watching the new season of Dexter. I know what you’re thinking and NO, not the cartoon character but Dexter Morgan, the Miami Metro blood spatter analyst. I must admit that the show is really quite violent and full of blood since he moonlights as a serial killer. But he is not an ordinary killer as he lives or should I say, “kills” by “The Code” that he religiously follow. He only targets those who are undeniably guilty who kills without justifiable cause and that off course, he has undeniable proof of the killer’s guilt. 

So the show isn’t for the faint hearted one. I was just hooked up when I first started watching it but don’t get me wrong either because I am not the violent type of person. I am just curious of the plot of each season considering that whoever will know Dexter’s “Dark Passenger” will end up dead. And I am also curious of how he’s going to cover his tracks after he eliminate the person who knows his dark secrets. Then what’s more interesting is the season finale of season six because Debra caught him on the act when he kills Travis. And we all know what will happen to those who’ll know his dark secrets. 

So far, there have been six episodes being aired already and I have watched three of them yet. So let’s watch the seventh season of Dexter in online streaming, I have a free site that has clear copies.

Image from wikimedia commons.

05 November 2012

More Home Improvement and Gardening

Recently while watching the latest news about the Election results of the US Presidential Polls 2012 between Obama and Romney, I noticed that my wife started making flowers again made of paper towels. She probably must be doing more of her flower decorations in her quest for more home improvement decors. While at the same time busy doing some gardening stuff in the front yard and at the back. In fact, she is now busy planting veggies just in front of our living room window. She is also planting trees just a few feet from the street gutters for sand storm protection, as she said. 

While US voters head to voting locations for the presidential election 2012, my wife will be busy in the coming days as she will be planting chili and lemon trees as well at the backyard. She is just waiting for the soil to be prepared enough before transferring the seedlings to its final planting place. And I have added animal manure already in the soil last month so it is just a matter of time when she gonna do it. For sure it will happen before the weekend and this would mean more time to water all of the plants and trees. Not to mention the ornamental plants as well and also those that’s in the planning stage still.

04 November 2012

The Air We Breathe

The global industrialization has somehow caused the air quality to drop to an alarming level in some countries that are too dependent on using fossil fuels in almost all machineries. Although nowadays the awareness of using natural gas and other means of renewable energy to at least slow down the greenhouse effect in the surface temperature is growing. Though it is just at a slower pace, yet despite of it, technology in one way or another has a profound impact also in reversing the greenhouse effect. 

And people turn and use digital technology to improve the air quality for a better and cleaner air to breathe that has affected so many. In fact, the poor air quality has caused some illness and had a negative effect in our health. It’s for that reason that many companies are investing towards manufacturing the best air cleaner there is such the likes of Tjernlund. Who is no just trying to improve the air quality but also trying to reduce the maintenance costs of the cleaning equipment. There may be tons of air cleaners out there but make sure that you get the one that meets or even exceed strict industrial standards and regulations. 

Installing air cleaners in your house will dramatically improve the way you breathe most especially to those who have lung problems. It somehow reduces breathing difficulty to a greater degree. And that will have a domino effect in many aspects that has something to do in your health particularly in the cost of your maintenance medicines. Not to mention the costs of nebulizer equipment, the medicine to use and its adjunct devices. It also helps those who are healthy in order not to succumb or acquire breathing issues. Although you must talk to experts before you go on and get your piece of equipment so that you get what’s the appropriate for your house.

28 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (Part 2 - 2)

I don’t have any options left but to go home and get the birth certificate of my son. But I call the bank first regarding the incident but the response that I got from them is no use of help as well. So, I went home, took the birth certificate, drove back to the post office and show it to the post office personnel and he took a photocopy of it before giving it back to me together with the package that I wanted to collect. Then another surprise just shocked me when he asked, “What’s the name of this paper?” 

My sanity was blown away, not by Hurricane Sandy; upon hearing it and all is just crazy in this part of the world… it is the first thing that came into my mind at that moment. First, he doesn’t have any idea of the kind of document that I gave him. If I have just brought any kind of paper that has our son’s name on it then I could have gotten the package without the proper requirement. Second, how important is the birth certificate that it is irreplaceable with a passport? So if you have something in your mind then I would appreciate to hear it. Because this just drives me so crazy and could not understand it anymore knowing the fact that you need a birth certificate in order for you to secure a legal passport. More so that there’s more information in the passport in terms of legal custody considering that it contains the visa of my son yet that reason was also turn down when I told them so.

The Two Sides of the Internet

I have written it in my previous post, although in a different way, of how the internet has help in so many different ways. And it will always be so as long you are using it in the right and appropriate way but you’ll face its destructive power, like Hurricane Sandy, if being used to cause harm to others. 

On the other hand, in the world of fashion and shopping it became a part of them especially that there’s already a growing trend in the use of online stores. In fact, it is already the first priority of most people when they shop because of so many reasons. First thing is that, everything can be done by just a click of the mouse and not to mention doing it at the comfort of your own abode even while your pajamas on. Then the product that you purchased can even be delivered at your doorstep. Some companies even deliver it for FREE. 

And most of the time, many have use the internet to hunt for discount coupons to buy the products of Bob Ross or promotional deals in order to save in your finances especially that there’s still financial crisis in most part of the world. So this is indeed a big help already when the budget is tight for there are still many utility bills to pay.

Image from wikimedia commons.

Cozy Touches for a Redecorated Bathroom

Spending time in the bathroom is a necessary part of life, but it can also be productive and enjoyable, meeting more than just the obvious personal hygiene and health needs. Adding even a few nifty bathroom accessories can enhance the room's appeal and give you a cozy feel. A shower radio can provide you with the daily news, up-to-date weather reports and entertain you with music and commentaries. Replacing vanity sinks with freestanding vessel sinks can allow additional bathroom space for leg room or a magazine rack. It can also give you more room in the sink for hand washing, along with enjoying the elegant look of a non-standard bathroom fixture.

When redecorating your bathroom with cozy items such as a radio, it is important to make sure that your selection is a waterproof shower radio. Moisture and electronics do not mix well, and you could incur an injury from the electrical contact. In addition, an ordinary radio would soon malfunction, shorting out from water making contact with wires and connectors. Specially designed components coated with protective materials are available in a shower AM/FM radio. These products are easily found in many hardware or department stores. While you are shopping, you should also consider vessel porcelain sinks for your lavatory replacement to add eye-catching attention for your guests and future home buyers.

With the new cozy touches in your redecorated bathroom, it may also be time to update wallpaper or add a fresh coat of complementary wall paint. Be sure to maximize your efforts for the best effect.

27 October 2012

The Legal Battle of the Internet

I would say that it is a lot easier nowadays to look for gift ideas comparing to the days where the internet is still a baby. There are tons of information and DIY ideas on what kind of gift that you should give to someone that will surely be appreciated. But for me, it is always nice to receive a gift and I will always express my appreciation no matter what it is as long as it is heartily given. 

And only a few searches in the web will give you enormous results already. Oftentimes I read it as well that a personalized gift always have a bigger impact to the recipient. Whatever customization you do or have done, whether it is for a customized t-shirt of the World Series or personal stuff, it always has a special place to them, knowing that you have exerted some effort just to have such gift. 

Anyhow, the point here is that the world wide web is indeed a big help to everyone in getting information on everything as long as intended for the right reason and purpose. Yet it can also be as destructive as an earthquake if abused or used to inflict harm to others. In fact, we have seen a lot of legal battles already that involves what was written and published on the internet. But this doesn't mean that our rights in the first amendment were being curtailed yet we just have to cleverly use and express our wit in an appropriate manner and medium.

Image from wikimedia commons.

26 October 2012

My Sanity was Blown Away (part 1 - 2)

It was early this month when I received a call from the post office asking me where I like to deliver the package from the bank that contains documents for my son. So I told the caller if they can possibly dropped it in our local post office so that it will just be near to us. 

One day later, I got another call that the package is ready and waiting to be picked-up. Then a few minutes later, I went off to get it and I have this instinct that I should bring the passport of my son as proof of guardianship. And when I arrived in the local post office it took several minutes before they can even decide that they cannot give it to me unless I will produce them a “paper from the hospital”. 

YES, that’s the exact words or phrase perhaps that I repeatedly hear from the post office representatives in which they even concur it in their main branch. It is very weird to hear it and why on earth they don’t allow the passport of my son as proof of evidence. And they repeatedly said also that it is different from the paper from the hospital. I assume that this “paper from the hospital” that they have been talking about is the birth certificate of my son. There was absolutely a language barrier between us which I don’t have any choice as well for no one is there to translate.

22 October 2012

What’s Next for Lance Armstrong?

For cycling enthusiast, I am sure that you have known the news already regarding Lance Armstrong doping allegations. A few days back, I read from online sports news that Armstrong will be stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles if the International Cycling Union (UCI) won’t appeal the US Anti Doping Agency’s (USADA) ruling in banning him for lifetime. The bicycle racing’s world governing body is expected to announce their decision regarding the fate of the great Lance Armstrong today. 

And as many expect it to happen; the International Cycling Union announced that they are officially stripping Lance Armstrong of his 7 Tour de France titles. Then many suggests that this is an epic downfall of his illustrious career in cycling race as he became the only cyclist to have won seven Tour de France in a row, that was from 1999 up to 2005. 

So the question now is that, what’s next for Lance Armstrong after he was being stripped of his 7 Tour de France titles? Can things get any worse for him in both short and long-term situations? Knowing the fact that the company who paid for the winning prizes now wants it back and much more that they are considering legal actions. And many believe that the ban is only just the beginning. 

No matter which side are you with, it doesn’t matter anymore for it has been decided already. And even if the debate is over regarding his doping scandal but to the many fans of Lance Armstrong, the doping saga spoils the memories.

14 October 2012

Tearing Down the Fortress

In the world of gaming, it is next to impossible not to be familiar with Angry Birds. It has caught the fancy of children and adults alike. This is a game of trigonometrical calculations or miscalculations with the main purpose of tearing down the fortress of the egg-nappers who are pigs headed by the king pig himself.

The game is so easy on the mind that it tickles your childhood instincts. It tackles about how to bring the tower down with the used of the birds themselves being hurled through a giant slingshot and blowing up stuff in a consistent fashion, some birds splitting up in the air or boomerang back at a calculated point. This game is fun that even adults are hooked. New versions are coming up with different themes that add more life to the game. Themes like the space adventure that looks somewhat like the space jump of Felix Baumgartner, ice chilling scene and the like just makes it more appealing to kids or adults. 

It really helps to while away your time and takes you away from those more violent and morbid games of the assassins where one can really see how an assassin slits the throat of an unsuspecting guard or foe in the story. And you eventually end up like a walking dead creature.

10 October 2012

The Rivalry of Smarter Phones

I could still remember it very vividly the first mobile phone that I owned, which many have said that it is the most durable cell phone. It endures, probably not the harshest conditions but it has its own fair share of rough bludgeon, I would say. And despite the inhospitality that it sustained, it still serves its main purpose, to make and receive call and text messages. That was the important things way back then, more than a decade ago to be exact. And I believe that you know what model of mobile phone I am talking with.

But perhaps to the new generations, they probably don’t know what I’m talking about or what Nokia 5110 is? At least the internet has vast information that you can exploit to search for it if you can’t see anymore a sample specimen of this ice age model nowadays. And which I believe was already phase out in the production line long time ago or even in stores, more specifically because of the intense rivalry of smart phones. Which is fiercely fought by two giant companies as of the moment and Nokia, as I see it, seems to be lagging miles away in the backseat? In fact, they became virtually less known brand since the time I switched to the “tristar” way back 2005. 

However, Nokia is trying to comeback from the slump by introducing its own new range of smarter phones with eye catching designs and modern good looks. Many have said that it will compete in the smart phone’s tug-of-war yet that remains to be seen. 

And we will see… 

Image from wikimedia commons.

09 October 2012

Life is a Journey

Owning a car looks so simple and easy, but the truth is it takes a lot of your time and attention to keep it in top shape. Well, you really have to be sure that it is indeed in top shape since it is your partner in your everyday life. It takes you to your office, brings your family to parks and playground and even helps you with your business if you are travelling salesman. It is completely wrong that car maintenance is draining your pocket although you have to spend for the gas, the oil, the coolant and then schedule trips to the shop for routine checks yet those are significant in order for your investment to run smoother and last longer. 

On the other hand, car seats are one of the most neglected necessities of the car, I should say. Even with regular use, your vehicle's seats take a serious beating. Sliding in and out wears the upholstery and fabric. And don't forget the havoc that direct sunlight, dropped food, beverage spills, kids and pets wreak on your seats. To protect them, you need top-of-the line seat covers that are made from quality materials, like canvas, leather, neoprene and velour. Each pair of seat covers brings a totally unique feel to your seats while protecting them from stains, rips or other damage. So keep your ride smooth and hassle free by giving it the optimal care it needs. After all, life is a journey so enjoy the ride.

30 September 2012

Becoming a Sports Blog?

It was just very lately that this blog has turned into a sports blog considering the bulk of posts that I have been doing. Though you can also noticed some house and home related posts, may it be on home improvement or wall decors but that is just a few niche that I will be adding because of the recent activity in the house by my wife. Then the London Olympics have an impact as well that it became to look like a sports blog already. Added to it the start of the European football season that while there are only few matches being played, the expectations and thrill are too high already. 

But nonetheless, this blog remains to be talking in various topics that I want to write and also at all walks of life but there are little restrictions on my side on what to write even if I have the freedom of expressions. There are things that I cannot talk or should I say refrain from talking in order to avoid arguments and untoward circumstances. There are two factors that prevents me from doing it and that involves the kind of work that I have and the place where I am right now. 

For the meantime, just expect more posts about sports specifically football, tennis and Formula 1 since these are the sports that I love watching. And there are just good results of the games from my favorites, may it be individual or team that I want to write. More so in football because of several football clubs who already started the defense of their respective championship titles. I will be talking about my favorite TV series NCIS and Dexter who are now airing for their new series.

Image from wikimedia commons.

20 September 2012

Spreading Love through Artwork

I believe that religion plays a significant role in a person's life. If you're raised to follow the teachings of your religion, be it Roman Catholicism, Islam, Hinduism, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, or whatever it may be, this somewhat defines who you are and helps you be the person you want to be. There are some who become so passionate about their religion that they express their faith in different ways. There are those who join their church choirs and sing praises to God while there are some who spread the word of God by being active in church and becoming missionaries. 

The LDS Church is one religion that inspires its members to show their passion not just by preaching the word of Jesus Christ, but by also showing them through media and the arts like photography and lds paintings. The church is able to give opportunities to a lot of its members because of the businesses they own like a television station and bookstores where their art work is published. They also showcase their work in art galleries and sell their paintings in stores. People can also buy their artworks online where there’s a wide variety of a painting to choose from like those of baby Jesus, portraits of Jesus Christ, LDS Temples, paintings of the resurrected Jesus Christ and many more. The paintings are beautiful and some are quite life-like. It's very evident how inspired these artists are. Buyers will probably get that same feeling when they buy a piece.

11 September 2012

A New World Indeed

Welcome to the new world, a place where foundational practices are constantly challenged, new discoveries are continually being made and new unconventional truths are relentlessly pursued. Perhaps, a new world indeed. 

Anyhow the last couple of years, there have been a rapid change and alteration to our traditional norms and old ways of living. Almost in all important areas of our society like the government, medical institutions, and educational system; new laws and regulations are being implemented and pushed. Things that used to be taboo and illegal have somehow been legalized, while many of the common practices that used to be allowed are now prohibited. 

One of the current burning topics, particularly in the medical field, is the medical marijuana evaluations centers. Used to be known as an evil drug, marijuana is now considered as a treatment to various ailments and sicknesses. For all the harm that it has caused, it is now sought as a solution to many medical problems that can be found at http://peoriamarijuanadoctor.com/

I bet most of us didn't see this coming. The government has to carefully study and weigh the pros and cons of this substance. The decision on this could very well lead to many other intriguing and critical resolutions that could ultimately make or break our society.

10 September 2012

Andy Murray Ends Britain’s Long Wait

I was supporting Federer to extend his record of Grand Slam title haul in the US Open even his convincing win over Djokovic in the Cincinnati Open finals. He had great start in the tournament until his stunning defeat from the hands of Berdych in the quarterfinals. While on the other hand, I want Murray also to bring home his first ever Grand Slam silverware and end Britain’s long wait. He almost makes it a reality when he reached the Wimbledon Finals against Federer but failed to capitalize his first set win. 

And on a day before the anniversary of September 11 at New York, Andy Murray finally made it through and has removed the monkey on his back by defeating Djokovic in a record 5 sets match. It was even almost halted after Djokovic fought back to take the third and fourth sets in a convincing manner but then it seems that it is Andy’s time to shine once again. I said once again because he was able to duplicate and followed his remarkable win at the same court and the same opponent during the London 2012 Olympics but this time it is more remarkable since it is a Grand Slam title that has eluded him in four occasions. 

I am sure Andy Murray will now become a big name not only in Britain but in international tennis. And I think the idea that big sponsors will be flocking on his way will now become another reality after his wonderful win at the Flushing Meadows. And I think his new coach (Ivan Lendl) had great influence in the way he played in big events like the Grand Slams. Finally, Great Britain has another grand slam winner after a very long wait of 76 years. 

Many believe that Murray will have good outlook in 2013 as the Swiss maestro continue to show signs of aging while Nadal is still bothered by a lingering knee problem which made him back out at the US Open. Then Murray-Djokovic rivalry is looming in the making if this kind of situation will continue.

Image from The Guardian.

28 August 2012

It Finally Become a Reality

As I have briefly mentioned in my last post, The Sluggish Start of the Champions, particularly on the side of Real Madrid about the pending move of the Croatian playmaker Luka Modric from Tottenham, has now finally become a reality after an extended lengthy summer negotiations. 

The fan favorite has arrived in Madrid a day after the Los Blancos tasted its first loss of the season. After passing a medical on Monday morning, he then signed a five-year contract reported to be worth 42 million euros though neither Tottenham nor Real Madrid discloses any financial details. And I guess, everyone is now relieved probably more so of Luka himself that the transfer negotiations has finally concluded before the window transfer closes at the end of the week. 

The addition of Luka Modric in the squad of Los Blancos could be a catalyst to get the troubled season of the defending champions Real Madrid back on track. And everyone is excited to see him on the pitch at the Santiago Bernabeu for his first appearance as The Meringues for the second leg of the Spanish Super Cup. But that would not come in handy as he needs to fight to win his place in Mourinho’s starting XI. He will be wearing the number 19 jersey and hopefully will put Madrid’s poor start of the season behind them.

27 August 2012

The Sluggish Start of the Champions

As you have known already that the football season across five big leagues in Europe has started and many football analysts have said that the first few matches are the most difficult one. And I guess that holds so much truth right now because some of the defending champions are having great difficulties in their quest to defend and retain their respective titles at the moment. 

Champions Real Madrid had just lost their second La Liga game to city rivals Getafe and their sluggish start continued. The Los Blancos was held to a 1-1 draw at home in their first match of the season and was followed by a 3-2 defeat from fierce rivals Barca in the Spanish Super Cup first leg. Madrid is now five points behind Barca in the league standings and probably is now focusing on their Super Copa second leg on Wednesday at the Bernabeau. And was probably hoping Luka could finally join them by that time. 

Whereas, the Premier League champions Man City also continued their own destiny of come from behind. In fact, their second match of the season was another come from behind and the only thing that makes it different is that they just have to settle for a 2-2 draw at the Anfield. While their first match last week at home to Southampton was all the same from last season’s last match. Then city rivals ManU was able to salvage a 3-2 victory at the expense of Fulham and a far cry different from their season opening loss at Everton. 

And Ligue 1 champions Montpellier just got their second defeat of the season and remained winless. While runner-up PSG also is still yet to taste a win as they have another goalless draw at home. This is perhaps the sluggish start of the champions.

24 August 2012

El Clasico: Spanish Super Cup

After the London Olympics closing ceremony that was barely two weeks ago, everyone in Europe is now back to reality that the 2012 football season is already in full swing. The French league started it earlier than the big four just two days before the closing ceremony

I was very eager to catch up with my football teams again but because of shifting work that I have, Day 1 of La Liga and the Premier League was a big miss at all and it seems that Day 2 will be the same again as it I will be on late shifts. But last night was the most anticipated match of La Liga as it will be the first El Clasico for the 2012 season and I was anxiously waiting for it but it turns out to be the same as the rest of the games.

Yes, I eventually miss it out again because it started so late (11:30 PM) to be exact) and I still have work to do the following day, which is today. The worse thing is I’m on the first shift so I should be hitting the sack early so I won’t be lethargic at work. But I can’t resist not peeking on this one because who on earth would not want to see the biggest and most famous… El Clasico. Yet and again, I have work… so I was only able to take a glance of the first 20 minutes or so of the first half then I dozed off to oblivion. And all I can do is to be contented, again, to read the results of the match. 

Barca blunder had given the Los Blancos a lifeline and keeps Real Madrid in hunt for their sixth Super Copa. Barcelona seize advantage in a 3-2 first leg win of the Spanish Super Cup at Camp Nou and the second leg is up next at the Santiago Bernabeu on 29 August.

20 August 2012

Smart Way to Transfer your Files

The growing advancement in technology provides us of simple and easy way in transferring files from one format to another. New software versions right now can even convert your old audio and video to a format that can be played in your smart phone and tablet. Much more is that you can already find a clever way to transfer your favorite YouTube videos to your iPhone, iPad or any kind of portable devices that you can find in the market. And the latest feature of YouTube video converter provides you a quick drag and drop option. 

Although one of the common problems that often noticed when you are trying to convert different files is the output quality that can be affected during the conversion process. But this has been corrected already in the newer versions even if it has different resolution ratios. The output quality of your video won’t be jeopardized, and in fact you literally won’t see any difference at all unless you've been doing it as your means of living. More so, that new released versions won’t cost you that much and you can even purchase them online at a relatively cheaper amount. And that is already a big help if you are on a tight budget. Right now there are already tons of trusted e-stores that you can shop right at the comfort of your couch that can be delivered at your doorstep at no extra costs.

12 August 2012

London 2012 Closing Ceremony

Everything must come to an end and everyone’s attention has now shifted to the London 2012 Closing Ceremony as the last pieces of medals were awarded. And I am just fortunate enough that I will be able to watch the Olympics closing ceremony live without any problem looking for online live streaming.

And to be honest, I was a little disappointed in the opening ceremony, maybe because I expect too much considering the status of Great Britain in the world. Or perhaps, it might also be due to the fact that I am not really into theatrical performances. Though I would say that the magical fireworks display was amazing and surely not the like you’ve seen in Beijing four years ago (If you know what I mean). So I am also expecting another astounding display of fireworks as the Olympics news reports has promised to celebrate a remarkable closing ceremony.

The last two days at the London 2012 Olympics Games proved to be on the side of team USA as they surged to grab the top spot in the Olympic Medal Count 2012. But that didn’t came out as many have expected it to be as there are disappointments and stunning defeat to some.

09 August 2012

London 2012 Football

The football season is just around the corner and the big four European countries will start their respective season almost all at the same time in the coming weekend. While everyone is busy following the London 2012 Football at the Olympics, several big football clubs are busy as well in their friendly matches mostly in the US. They are in preparation for the 2012-2013 season and several notable clubs are also boosting their line-up in order for them to be competitive.

On the other hand, the US has widened the gap and takes a commanding lead in the Olympic Medal Count 2012 as it near its end. Although there are still several games at stake but it seems China can only settle for second place. The men’s football games will be decided today and who will bring home the first gold at the Olympics. Brazil, the favorites to take the gold, will face the mighty Mexico, who at the same time is longing to get their first Olympic gold while Brazil is hoping to add the Olympic gold to their illustrious name in football history. The Olympic gold is the only major award that keeps eluding the Samba boys. 

And while making this post, I was also watching the live game of Mexico vs. Brazil which the former take home the London 2012 Olympic football gold medal stunning the Brazilians with a goal in less than 30 minutes of play. Mexico deserves to win the gold medal as they played a top notch game while the Samba boys never showed an impressive game since their first match. They have a lackluster game and showed poor execution throughout the match and always gave the ball to their opponent. But who knows, they might be able to finally get the elusive Olympic Gold medal at Rio 2014.

07 August 2012

The Quest for Golden Moment

The London 2012 Olympic Games has entered the second week of competition and even before it started it has already received its own share of controversy. The first week saw some athletes who give up their matches and play poorly to draw advantageous match-up later on, officials being removed from officiating job and probably coaches are involved too. Who knows? 

Although the Olympic games is not just about controversies but more so on winning those coveted medals that gives honor and pride to their respective countries. Upsets happened in some competition (many of them actually) but mostly all who got medals have long history of excellence in their own field. Although some are virtually unknown four years before yet surprises do happen from time to time and you can see athletes outclassed defending champions and previous medalist.

And probably the most anticipated game was in swimming when and if Michael Phelps will dominate again in his favorite events. Although it is already known from the start that he will no longer equal his 8-gold medal haul in Beijing because he only entered in 6 or 7 events although he must have been chasing some other Olympic record, being “The Greatest Olympian”. 

On the other hand, probably the most gruesome injury that happened so far is the injury that a weightlifter had sustained which dislocated his right elbow when he attempted to lift a 162 kg in a snatch event that ended his Quest for Golden Moment. Nonetheless upsets, surprises, disappointments do happen but every athlete and gold medalist has its own story in their quest for a golden moment.

06 August 2012

The Golden Moment, Finally

I watched Federer bowed down to the resilient Andy Murray in their tennis finals at the London Olympic Games yesterday afternoon. And if you are following my blog, you know that I am a big fan of the maestro because of the sportsmanship he displays on and off the court or even during the hard times of his playing career. And you seldom see him smashed tennis racket on the court or show disappointments while on play. He always keeps his composure despite the difficulty of the situation on hand.
image from TopNewsToday

And just like what happened during yesterday’s Tennis Olympic finals, he never showed any frustrations when he can’t seem to find answers on Murray’s aggressive approach. He eventually lost in three sets with a stunning margin in the first two sets (6-2, 6-1), especially on the second set when Federer was unable to score for more than an hour.

It was a sweet revenge for Andy Murray after his defeat from the hands of Federer himself a month ago at the same tennis ground. The only difference is that, it was during the Wimbledon Grand Slam finals. Murray’s victory yesterday marked a career breakthrough for him and he could be a favorite going to the next Grand Slam, the US Open, which is still eluding him.

Federer on the other hand, was chasing for a career Golden Slam as it is the only major award that is missing in his illustrious career with a total of 17 Grand Slam titles in all competitions.

22 July 2012

Relaxing Home Interiors

After eight long hours of work in the office or in the field, you come home with strained back, stiffed neck, crushing headache will be aggravated when you open the door and see a cluttered, disarrayed, messy (however you describe it) house. Eventually one has to start grooming it by removing unnecessary decors, appliances or fixtures that has a redundant purpose. A relaxing interior means a jumble free environment, as they say, less is peaceful and this is true with designs as well. Cool wall colors, proper room ventilation, live plants as interior accents with cool relaxing music on your background and a glass of refreshing freshly squeezed herb and lemon juice on your hand. This will certainly offer you a breather after a toxic day in your office.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

16 July 2012

Surprising Interiors

If you drive thru the neighborhood, you’ll see varying designs of newly constructed townhouses and apartments. Some designers opt for the simplistic look, others go for the retro and some prefer the modern type design or a combination of sorts like retro-modern or simplistic-modern. Personally I prefer a very conventional box house. I always like a boring look on the outside but surprise the guests of what you have to offer on the inside. I prefer high ceiling with exposed round beams to create a feel of wide open space, eternal white walls complimented with earth themed paintings, polished wood floors made of iron wood adorned with natural indoor foliage to complete the rich cool ambiance of the outdoor inside your home.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

11 July 2012

Online Insurance Renewal

I almost forgot to renew the insurance of my vehicle which was due last 7 June although I was asking already if there were new process or changes in the renewal. Lucky for me also because around 3-4 days before the due date, I received a text message from my insurance company that I may be able to renew it online. This is the first time that I knew about online renewal of vehicle insurance policy though I see it coming considering the unstoppable progress of the internet. And I think they are promoting a new feature since this is the first time I heard from them and I was insured at the same company for two years already.

So I tried my luck again and I don’t get any problem going through the process and was able to renew online my car insurance for 2013. My other problem now is whether it will be accepted in the traffic division for my car registration, so I did take my chance.

A day before the expiry, I went to the insurance company to take my policy card, took a priority number and found out that there were five people ahead of me… so I waited. What I didn't expect is the fast and smooth processes despite having only four agents around. The waiting time was probably less than 3-4 minutes and I’m out of the building already.

My next stop was the traffic division for registration. As usual, took a priority number and waited again but this time there were ten ahead of me and was glad that six people are entertaining the customers. And the same thing happened, it probably just took me five minutes to finish the registration then I was on my way back home. I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and was home already before 10 o’clock. The travel time to and from my desired destination was even longer than the actual time that I spent processing the insurance and registration of my car. And that’s the beauty of the internet and online transactions, it is making things a lot easier and faster yet there’s always an exception in the rule where online transaction became a headache.

And that I will be talking in my next post.