28 December 2012

Dexter Season 7 Finale

Dexter Season 7 has reached its penultimate episode and the tension is growing while LaGuerta is closing in with his suspicions about him as the Bay Harbor Butcher. And I still could see Hannah as a liability for Dexter but not seeing the end of LaGuerta’s character. I have said that because we all know that whoever knows Dexter’s dark secret must and has to go yet LaGuerta doesn’t fit to his long established code.
I am pretty sure that LaGuerta will be killed at the end of this season but can’t figure it out how she’ll be killed though. Also if Hannah will still be around next season or she will be killed, eventually, before the season ends. And there’s this interesting thrill of how she’s going to disappear in the storyline. And of how Dexter executes his plan of killing her, if she will be. 

But then, all of the electrifying moment that I have came to an end when the free website that I’ve been using to watch all of my favorite TV series has to unfortunately remove all of the links because of their new TV shows project and will have a new design and brand new name. The only good thing is that it will be back early next year and I have to wait for several weeks to finally watch the finale of Dexter Season 7.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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