15 December 2012

Taking Care of a Very Sensitive Child

Time run so fast and it was only not long ago when we have sleepless nights when our son was born. Now that he is 2 ½ years old, we have different concerns already. Gone is the sleepless night and comes the constant monitoring of him as he explores his new surroundings. We have to keep an eye on him as he is prone to injuries, him being a hyper-active kid and he is at the age where they call it the terrible two. More so that he already injured himself a few months back when he fell and broke his collar bone. 

I could still remember those days when we are planning of what baby boy nursery bedding we will get for him paying particular attention on the type of fabric since he has a very sensitive skin. He eventually was diagnosed of having Eczema that until know the cause cannot be pinned on a single causative agent. Together with it the list of foods that he is allergy of and others that he could be allergy with. We already knew that he is allergy to certain specie of fish and it was recently that we came to know that he is also allergy to peanut butter but not to cashew nuts. 

We are also very careful in choosing his clothes as what they are made of since it will easily affect his skin and it will suddenly get irritated if not taken cared of.

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