29 November 2010

The first Clasico ends in...

The first of the two Clasico this season ends in...

You guess, I'm sure you watched the game last night but if you did not then hear this out. The first el Clasico at Camp Nou ends in a humiliating loss of Real Madrid. The Los Blancos were routed by Barca and ripped apart Jose Mourinho's defense and torn apart in a humiliating 5 - 0 defeat.

27 November 2010

Unfamiliar territory

The world of football has become lively in these past few months with some surprises that pop out unexpectedly. Just like what happened to the US women soccer team who were in deep trouble when they are thrown into the pit hole with a stunning loss from the feet of the Mexicans in the CONCACAF semifinals. However with strong resilience, they emerge victorious in a 2 game home-and-home playoff with the Azzurres. They have beaten the Italians 1 nothing on both occasions and salvage the last spot for the Women’s World Cup in Germany next year.

The Americans were in an unfamiliar territory since in most instances they easily grab those spot without any problem but this time they were joggling in a different road that most did not expect. They have won the tournament twice and it was their second loss since the 2007 World Cup and this indeed, a strange and unfamiliar territory for the top ranked Americans. They have to play a playoff game in order to clinch the last berth.

While two days from now, your world will be rocked by the first El Clasico match up with a more hype Los Blancos and the resurging Barca. The Merengues are unbeaten and at the top but the Catalans are just 1 point adrift and with the eagerly anticipated clasico, Villareal cut the advantage from the top two with a 3-0 home away win. It started to shape and looks like to be another Real and Barca league but Villareal stay in the hunt, at least for now.

25 November 2010

Cooking turkey on El Clasico

The El Classico 2010 will be the true test of Real Madrid’s resurgence on top of La Liga and Monday’s game will be the first of two Clasico. As the day is nearing the talk around it and the supporters are hot as deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. So far, they have displayed remarkable performance and results although the Los Blancos is on top of the leader board but was separated only by a single point advantage. Since the loss from Hercules earlier in the season, Barca bounced back from a relatively slow start and never lost again.

Madrid on the other hand, remains unbeaten in all competitions so far and Cristiano Ronaldo is in top shape and leads the score sheet. And Monday’s el clasico, will feature two of football’s influential coaches and the world’s two best players. The Merengues are in a four game losing streak against Barca and this game isn’t as easy as roasting a turkey considering that they are playing at Nou Camp. Yet there’s a completely different Real Madrid going into the pitch that was revolutionized with new signings last summer. That is another reason which the leader board is now starting to take shape as who will remain atop in the standings and could be another game between the two of them.

Once you’re done with your cooking turkey festivities, don’t forget to bookmark 29 November for El Clasico.

24 November 2010

Of crispy bacon and one tired 4 month boy

Today is another stressful day but even so, it is still a great day. My little boy arrived last night from his mini vacation that brought grandparents and close relatives to joy and happiness yet at the same time sad for it will take several months before they gonna see him again.
This is how tired he was after a long 10 hours flight. And as I was uploading this photo of him, I came across the picture below that I want my wife to look at it and prove to her that I ate crispy bacon at some point in one chilly breakfast when they are gone for vacation.
Sorry for I have nothing much to say today, I have to deal with the change of body clock of our baby and that would mean change in sleeping time as well.

21 November 2010

Traffic is the lifeblood of earning online

Driving traffic to your blog is the lifeblood of earning online and once it starts congesting, it will have a domino effect in your rankings. Though it may not be the only reason but it should be the guiding goal. Now the question is, the cyberspace is a vast super highway and most of the time it would be hard for you to attract readers and followers of your blog. Attracting readers and followers is another thing but looking where to find them is one big hurdle for bloggers. For sure some of you are probably into traffic exchange sites already though that helps somehow but it’s a headache if you just keeps on clicking ads every few seconds.

Right now I will be talking about the Adgitize Network. Although I’m pretty much a newbie there, I just came to know this wonderful advertising company early August and that time I sign up as a publisher and was earning $0.01 per day (what a dismal earning, right?). It would just be another waste of time. The following month there was a change and I am already earning $0.15 but still that is not enough and by the time I knew the way around (not most of it though), my earnings jumped to $0.34 already. Then few days ago (four days to be exact) I started advertising and a surge in my daily earnings have been reflected. Guess what how much I earned? I averaged $0.75 in those three days and if you’re going to sum it up, you’ll get a monthly take of $22.50, not bad at all when you only invest $14 to advertise.

Adgitize lives to what they are advertising for, “The perfect advertising solution for Bloggers”. Aside from the low monthly fee, you’ll get thousands of potential visitors daily. That’s what Ken Brown had said, the lightning quick administrator of Adgitize. He always replied to your questions as fast as that then he will guide you on what you need to do according to what you asked for. I have nothing but great experience in there and there are number of ways how to increase your daily earnings and that is synonymous to blog traffic soar. And what I like most from the seven reasons why you should Adgitize your blog is this, “Spend your time blogging and let Adgitize send you traffic”.

See, isn’t that great. As early as today, I am sure that I will be able to get my first payment in Adgitize.

18 November 2010

El Clasico 2010

As the first El Clasico 2010 meeting is nearing, so does the ever growing confidence of players in both side and that they will runaway with the first win. If you ask the los Blancos, they're going to win in this derby and on the other side, you'll hear the same thing especially that the 2010 El Classico, which is also known as "El derbi Espanyol" will be played in Barcelona on 29 Nov, exactly 11 days from now. The current standings adds up to the thrill and excitement of this first salvo. If Real wins then they gonna clear themselves atop the leaderboard by 4 points and if they lose then Barca gonna overtake them in the standings by just 2 points and  they will grab the top spot again. But that 2 points is very much crucial knowing that Barca took a nerve ending 3 points ahead Real last season. Not only that, a win for Barca will give them the much needed boost since they are thrilling behind Real Madrid from the start of the season.

The Madrid vs Barca match is supposed to be played on 27 Nov. was postponed and rescheduled on the 29th of Nov due to the Catalan elections that take place on 28 November. So don't forget to clear your schedules if you like to watch El Clasico 2010.

15 November 2010

Title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi

This is the continuation of the double header event yesterday. I was talking about Pacquiao winning the fight against Margarito in a brutal way of demolishing him. In fact, the latest news is that Margarito needs surgery for a fracture in his right eye socket. Get well soon...!

The other biggest event yesterday was the season ending formula 1 grand prix, the "title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi". What made it special is that there are four drivers vying for the championship title and any slight mistake would cost them big. So picture this out, Alonso who is the race leader had 246 points, Webber has 238, Vettel is on third with 231 points and Hamilton in last position with 222 points. As you can see, it is still anyone's ball game and technically Hamilton has still a chance even if it's very slim. You can do the math so you can picture how difficult and deep that Hamilton needs to dig. He needs to win in the race and making sure that Alonso will be out of the top 10 so he won't get any points at all. But it doesn't end right there, he also needs Vettel to just finish third or lower and Webber should not be higher than sixth place.

But that doesn't matter at all since this happened yesterday and there's a champion already. And who do you think took the formula 1 title? So to cut the suspense short, it's another history in the making and that's the reason why.
Vettel took all the limelight from pole position until the chequered flag. And the history is, he became the youngest formula 1 champion, just 195 days younger than Hamilton. That's how full of thrill and excitement the formula 1 title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi. Tune back next year for the 2011 season in Bahrain on 11 March and that could be another history in the making. So watch out for it.

14 November 2010

Pacquaio vs Margarito results

There are two big events that happened today (14 Nov 2010), two history in the making in the sporting occasion. I watched Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito fight video in pay per view with friends early this morning and I'm sure at this time you already know the result. The fight shows that sometimes height is not a might, more especially in the world of boxing as Pacman brutally demolished the Tijuana Tornado for the vacant WBC super welterweight title, making another history by capturing his 8th title in as many weight class. Pacquaio moved up in weight again to take on Margarito, who is a natural welterweight already, in a catch up weight of 150 lbs yet the speed and power of Pacquaio never diminished and Margarito took the beating all night. And that's what made the difference.

Pacquaio vs Margarito results defy many aspects of disadvantages like the 4 1/2 inches in height, the 6 inch reach and the mere body size itself. It is very evident on the face of Margarito from the start of the 4th round. What struck my attention was Pacquiao's attitude in the 11th round when he kept on looking at the referee and was later known that he already wanted the referee to stop the fight for he don't want Margarito to kept taking such a beating and that's not what boxing is about. Even with all the fame and money he had already, he never forget to have his feet remained on the ground.

If you are wondering what is the second event, you better come back tomorrow and watch for the other spectacular triumph and a brilliant youngest world champion.

12 November 2010

Celebrate Christmas 2010

I was talking about getting flu shot in my other blog "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness" yesterday that we should get one ourselves since winter season is inevitable and just around the corner. It would be safe to get one before influenza gets to you first. And winter season is always associated with yuletide season and there's no right time to express what you want to say to your loved ones if not now, especially when you are thousands of miles away from them. I would extend my heartfelt appreciation to my parents and to my family which are very far from me now through the Christmas E-Card below created by NOYPI of Pinoylandia.

This is to support him in joining a contest Celebrate Christmas 2010 with Sulit.com.ph

09 November 2010

Long lost friend is in town

I suppose to be doing so many things today but because a long lost friend is in town and wanted to meet up even just for awhile, so blogging has to be moved back a little bit. My daily routine in Adgitize clicks and blog hopping was postponed too in a later time because of it but I think it will not pose a problem since cut off time is still 9hrs away. I still have enough time to catch up from the lost time but the suppose rest schedule will be reduced to almost nothing.

We went to Chowking for dinner and the funny thing was, they were at the newly opened branch near the hotel where they are staying which happened to be also close by at the first opened branch. Since I did not know that there was a new branch opened already, I went to the later but my instincts is telling me something different. And Voila...!! Indeed, my instinct is right, we are at opposing sides.

Dinner went by so fast, as we are catching up with anything that we reminisce from college days and the adventure in life that we have had. I was having fun in the met up together with the cool friends (K & N) who was there. Most of our time was full of laugh out loud. Then we went to The Villagio to grab something before heading back to their solitary life again under the black hood. And because of the fun that we had, we forgot that it was past 10 already and when we were inside the mall, almost all of the shops were closed already which left us no other choice but to head back home.

I dropped them by at their hotel and I continue my journey home to finish my online money making adventure. And that was the story of a long lost friend is in town. How about you, have your meet your long lost friend/s recently?

06 November 2010

Article Writing gig

It's nice to be doing what you love the most and at the same time you get to practice them which is good in the long run. I always have the passion in article writing yet because of circumstances in life that you need to work in order to survive and most of all to provide, there are times that you won't be able to do them. Lately, it's a coincidence that I bumped again with my online friend whom now became my mentor in online money making. She taught me the way around and some difficult technicalities to monetize and maximize your blog traffic. There are times that it's causing me a headache with all the stuff like the "html" thingy event hough I have some (very little actually) knowledge about it but because of long inactivity, it starts to fade in my aged memory.

Three months ago, fedhz invited me if I could write articles for her (I'm not sure why she did it) then it's already the start of the new beginning remembering my passion to write again and practice my article making skills (I'm just assuming that I have). If you have the passion to write and would like to join our article writing gig, why not join us and start your online money making and it could be another way that you can forget about your PTC clicks.

05 November 2010

Does SEO keywords affect your blog?

It’s barely three months since I started venturing into freelance writing and try to become active again in my blog sites. Although it’s been more than two years since I created my site with blogspot, I have no luck bringing traffic into it. It might be because I am not actively promoting it or simply I don’t know how to. So far, things went by smoothly and I was able to earn some descent extra savings though it’s not that big as you thought it is yet that is just enough for me since I have a day job that I am depending on. I would say that I am well compensated in my current job and I am lucky to be working in the company.

Anyway, let’s go back to my new interest in online money making and my new way of how to earn extra bucks. It’s not a coincidence that I have this opportunity fell on my lap. I have known this person through online participation in different social networking sites. It all started when we bumped into each others path in myLot and least I expect that I will be offered an online opportunity through article writing after more than a year without any communication at all. After two months in continuous writing articles I’ve learned so many things and she taught me a lot of things and the way around on how to optimize your earning process.

Some weeks ago when I started doing SEO keywords, I found it awkward to write something that is wrong spelled especially that I am writing informative article. I was able to understand why it has to be that way after all her explanation, yet I still have something at the back of my mind. I know how important SEO is in our blog but how about the effects of it in the content/s of our blog. More especially that people are looking for information. Will it affect the credibility and reputation of the blogger?

Does SEO keywords affect your blog? What's your experience?

02 November 2010

Star of Life

What i have to tell you is not easy to understand & often not given some importance. But if you will listen to this story then maybe in the end you'll believe me.

Right in the middle of this unbelievable symphony of life, there's you & me and every other human being on earth. How many realize what a privilege it is to be a "STAR OF LIFE". Somewhere along the course of life, we stumble into the world of emergency response, whether ambulance or all terrain vehicles, on motorcycle. Every hour of every day they speed to the scene of accidents & illnesses to render medical & psychological assistance. Sometimes they risk their own health or jeopardize their own safety just to try save someone's life.
"Sorry if we woke you in the middle of the night. Sorry if we block the road & make you turn around because someone in your neighborhood is fighting for his life. When you see us coming, we hope you'll understand and let us have the right of way..."

Everyday we face death & anguish, sorrow & pain in many ways. We work as hard as we can despite our feelings of hopelessness. There are times when God allow us to intervene with a hand full of skills & knowledge to do our work. But there are also times when God take it away & there's nothing that we, as a person with finite abilities are going to be able to change. People are going to die & let’s just accept the fact that there are really some things we cannot do anymore. How do you continue to feel good about yourself when the life of people slips through your hands despite of all our efforts to keep them alive? Even in good times we are frequently overcome with despair, we're bombarded with verbal & physical abuse. People just demand that we get there fast & perform miracles. You did not know how much we suffer from the emotional agony of trying to save lives but failed to do. You never know how it feels. You might not see it but deep inside we also need emotional care. Because we are just humans... like you, ordinary people with deep compassion for humanity. If you want to be handled by us, you will have to let us do our job the way you are best protected from further injury. But a lot of people aren't going to notice. A lot of people aren't going to understand. We work long hours. We miss family dinners, birthdays, holidays & special gatherings. Even off duty, the images of human sufferings reel through our mind.

Despite the pitfalls, we have great pride in what we do. We have deep sense of purpose & personal satisfaction. We love what we do & we go to school to do it the best way we can, maybe we can make a difference, "SAVE A LIFE." That's the greatest satisfaction we get.

"God gave us something special to help us see you through, somewhere deep within us. We're here to help our neighbors in their hour of pain & doubt. We do it not because of the money - - you know we don't get paid - - but because we love you & we care about you."

We don't do it for the glory but for a life that might be saved. When we do save someone's life, have nothing to do with rewards or praises because saving lives is not an accomplishment but a way of life & is its own reward. You are very fortunate to have volunteers like them to depend on in times of crisis... and many are not going to understand --- unless you are one of them.

01 November 2010

My online money making story

There are days in our life that we like to write, compose poems, journals or article but even how much we tried to scribble something yet, it just simply cannot transpire into words. There are so many ideas in our mind ready to pop out and to be inspired by readers but it is just another day that seems so gloomy.
Indeed, most of my compositions or the poems that I have written were molded and comes in being when I was down and so low. Those were the days when relationships fails and seems not working out. In this life, I found so many uncertain things and there are instances that you thought you already shaken off the cloak of uncertainty but you end up in a closed door.
I've been writing some compositions and poems in the past which you can find in Triond  and Wikinut Recently, I ventured into freelance writing and somehow it bears good fruit and in my first month, I was able to earn a descent $60+. You can see the proof of payment here ;or click on the image below. 

There's a vast resource of income generating opportunity that still needs to be tapped in the internet. You can even act as a publisher or advertiser thereby monetizing your blog site. I recommend Adgitize (just click on the banner at the top of the page) if you don't have one yet or not happy with your existing one. The most important thing is, it brings traffic to your site which we all know is very much important in order for your blog to get viewed and increase your ranking.