25 November 2010

Cooking turkey on El Clasico

The El Classico 2010 will be the true test of Real Madrid’s resurgence on top of La Liga and Monday’s game will be the first of two Clasico. As the day is nearing the talk around it and the supporters are hot as deep frying a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. So far, they have displayed remarkable performance and results although the Los Blancos is on top of the leader board but was separated only by a single point advantage. Since the loss from Hercules earlier in the season, Barca bounced back from a relatively slow start and never lost again.

Madrid on the other hand, remains unbeaten in all competitions so far and Cristiano Ronaldo is in top shape and leads the score sheet. And Monday’s el clasico, will feature two of football’s influential coaches and the world’s two best players. The Merengues are in a four game losing streak against Barca and this game isn’t as easy as roasting a turkey considering that they are playing at Nou Camp. Yet there’s a completely different Real Madrid going into the pitch that was revolutionized with new signings last summer. That is another reason which the leader board is now starting to take shape as who will remain atop in the standings and could be another game between the two of them.

Once you’re done with your cooking turkey festivities, don’t forget to bookmark 29 November for El Clasico.

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