09 November 2010

Long lost friend is in town

I suppose to be doing so many things today but because a long lost friend is in town and wanted to meet up even just for awhile, so blogging has to be moved back a little bit. My daily routine in Adgitize clicks and blog hopping was postponed too in a later time because of it but I think it will not pose a problem since cut off time is still 9hrs away. I still have enough time to catch up from the lost time but the suppose rest schedule will be reduced to almost nothing.

We went to Chowking for dinner and the funny thing was, they were at the newly opened branch near the hotel where they are staying which happened to be also close by at the first opened branch. Since I did not know that there was a new branch opened already, I went to the later but my instincts is telling me something different. And Voila...!! Indeed, my instinct is right, we are at opposing sides.

Dinner went by so fast, as we are catching up with anything that we reminisce from college days and the adventure in life that we have had. I was having fun in the met up together with the cool friends (K & N) who was there. Most of our time was full of laugh out loud. Then we went to The Villagio to grab something before heading back to their solitary life again under the black hood. And because of the fun that we had, we forgot that it was past 10 already and when we were inside the mall, almost all of the shops were closed already which left us no other choice but to head back home.

I dropped them by at their hotel and I continue my journey home to finish my online money making adventure. And that was the story of a long lost friend is in town. How about you, have your meet your long lost friend/s recently?

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