15 November 2010

Title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi

This is the continuation of the double header event yesterday. I was talking about Pacquiao winning the fight against Margarito in a brutal way of demolishing him. In fact, the latest news is that Margarito needs surgery for a fracture in his right eye socket. Get well soon...!

The other biggest event yesterday was the season ending formula 1 grand prix, the "title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi". What made it special is that there are four drivers vying for the championship title and any slight mistake would cost them big. So picture this out, Alonso who is the race leader had 246 points, Webber has 238, Vettel is on third with 231 points and Hamilton in last position with 222 points. As you can see, it is still anyone's ball game and technically Hamilton has still a chance even if it's very slim. You can do the math so you can picture how difficult and deep that Hamilton needs to dig. He needs to win in the race and making sure that Alonso will be out of the top 10 so he won't get any points at all. But it doesn't end right there, he also needs Vettel to just finish third or lower and Webber should not be higher than sixth place.

But that doesn't matter at all since this happened yesterday and there's a champion already. And who do you think took the formula 1 title? So to cut the suspense short, it's another history in the making and that's the reason why.
Vettel took all the limelight from pole position until the chequered flag. And the history is, he became the youngest formula 1 champion, just 195 days younger than Hamilton. That's how full of thrill and excitement the formula 1 title showdown at Yas Marina Abu Dhabi. Tune back next year for the 2011 season in Bahrain on 11 March and that could be another history in the making. So watch out for it.

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