21 November 2010

Traffic is the lifeblood of earning online

Driving traffic to your blog is the lifeblood of earning online and once it starts congesting, it will have a domino effect in your rankings. Though it may not be the only reason but it should be the guiding goal. Now the question is, the cyberspace is a vast super highway and most of the time it would be hard for you to attract readers and followers of your blog. Attracting readers and followers is another thing but looking where to find them is one big hurdle for bloggers. For sure some of you are probably into traffic exchange sites already though that helps somehow but it’s a headache if you just keeps on clicking ads every few seconds.

Right now I will be talking about the Adgitize Network. Although I’m pretty much a newbie there, I just came to know this wonderful advertising company early August and that time I sign up as a publisher and was earning $0.01 per day (what a dismal earning, right?). It would just be another waste of time. The following month there was a change and I am already earning $0.15 but still that is not enough and by the time I knew the way around (not most of it though), my earnings jumped to $0.34 already. Then few days ago (four days to be exact) I started advertising and a surge in my daily earnings have been reflected. Guess what how much I earned? I averaged $0.75 in those three days and if you’re going to sum it up, you’ll get a monthly take of $22.50, not bad at all when you only invest $14 to advertise.

Adgitize lives to what they are advertising for, “The perfect advertising solution for Bloggers”. Aside from the low monthly fee, you’ll get thousands of potential visitors daily. That’s what Ken Brown had said, the lightning quick administrator of Adgitize. He always replied to your questions as fast as that then he will guide you on what you need to do according to what you asked for. I have nothing but great experience in there and there are number of ways how to increase your daily earnings and that is synonymous to blog traffic soar. And what I like most from the seven reasons why you should Adgitize your blog is this, “Spend your time blogging and let Adgitize send you traffic”.

See, isn’t that great. As early as today, I am sure that I will be able to get my first payment in Adgitize.


  1. thank you sir rob for this info. :)

  2. I thought your name is sirrob and was thinking you're Indian or something. Think I was wrong.

  3. Agree with you. I also need some more traffic and I will give a try.