18 November 2010

El Clasico 2010

As the first El Clasico 2010 meeting is nearing, so does the ever growing confidence of players in both side and that they will runaway with the first win. If you ask the los Blancos, they're going to win in this derby and on the other side, you'll hear the same thing especially that the 2010 El Classico, which is also known as "El derbi Espanyol" will be played in Barcelona on 29 Nov, exactly 11 days from now. The current standings adds up to the thrill and excitement of this first salvo. If Real wins then they gonna clear themselves atop the leaderboard by 4 points and if they lose then Barca gonna overtake them in the standings by just 2 points and  they will grab the top spot again. But that 2 points is very much crucial knowing that Barca took a nerve ending 3 points ahead Real last season. Not only that, a win for Barca will give them the much needed boost since they are thrilling behind Real Madrid from the start of the season.

The Madrid vs Barca match is supposed to be played on 27 Nov. was postponed and rescheduled on the 29th of Nov due to the Catalan elections that take place on 28 November. So don't forget to clear your schedules if you like to watch El Clasico 2010.

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