05 November 2010

Does SEO keywords affect your blog?

It’s barely three months since I started venturing into freelance writing and try to become active again in my blog sites. Although it’s been more than two years since I created my site with blogspot, I have no luck bringing traffic into it. It might be because I am not actively promoting it or simply I don’t know how to. So far, things went by smoothly and I was able to earn some descent extra savings though it’s not that big as you thought it is yet that is just enough for me since I have a day job that I am depending on. I would say that I am well compensated in my current job and I am lucky to be working in the company.

Anyway, let’s go back to my new interest in online money making and my new way of how to earn extra bucks. It’s not a coincidence that I have this opportunity fell on my lap. I have known this person through online participation in different social networking sites. It all started when we bumped into each others path in myLot and least I expect that I will be offered an online opportunity through article writing after more than a year without any communication at all. After two months in continuous writing articles I’ve learned so many things and she taught me a lot of things and the way around on how to optimize your earning process.

Some weeks ago when I started doing SEO keywords, I found it awkward to write something that is wrong spelled especially that I am writing informative article. I was able to understand why it has to be that way after all her explanation, yet I still have something at the back of my mind. I know how important SEO is in our blog but how about the effects of it in the content/s of our blog. More especially that people are looking for information. Will it affect the credibility and reputation of the blogger?

Does SEO keywords affect your blog? What's your experience?

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