06 November 2010

Article Writing gig

It's nice to be doing what you love the most and at the same time you get to practice them which is good in the long run. I always have the passion in article writing yet because of circumstances in life that you need to work in order to survive and most of all to provide, there are times that you won't be able to do them. Lately, it's a coincidence that I bumped again with my online friend whom now became my mentor in online money making. She taught me the way around and some difficult technicalities to monetize and maximize your blog traffic. There are times that it's causing me a headache with all the stuff like the "html" thingy event hough I have some (very little actually) knowledge about it but because of long inactivity, it starts to fade in my aged memory.

Three months ago, fedhz invited me if I could write articles for her (I'm not sure why she did it) then it's already the start of the new beginning remembering my passion to write again and practice my article making skills (I'm just assuming that I have). If you have the passion to write and would like to join our article writing gig, why not join us and start your online money making and it could be another way that you can forget about your PTC clicks.

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