31 May 2011

Seth's Random Shots

 When things gone wrong during my hair cutting. I look like Mr. T.

He seem don't like his new haircut. Or he's just making himself funny...!

Leaning myself on the hammock. The way I drink my milk.

30 May 2011

Seth's Sleeping Positions

Different ways on how to sleep and this is what he thinks his best sleeping positions.

After learning how to use his walker, he sleeps in it.

Sleeping before heading out to chill.

The best sleeping position I ever had. I was so sleepy that i fell asleep while still thinking of moving to bed.

28 May 2011

Barca Outclassed Manchester United Again

This is my entry to Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways Week No. 1. This week’s prize is one year blog hosting sponsored by Sheryl of GEORYL.

I wasn’t able to watch the UEFA Champions League Live through online streaming for it started just a few minutes before I left for work. I can only be contented following the live minute by minute commentary in Yahoo Sports. Although I’m not a big fan of Barcelona but their superb passing ability and the pure talent of diminutive striker Lionel Messi is full of fun to watch and proved too much that Manchester United can handle.
ManU was outclassed and humbled by Barca again in probably the best Champions League finals ever seen. The boys of Alex Ferguson was beaten and outplayed by the sensational dribbling skills of Messi, in way to scoring his 12th Champions League goal and Barcelona’s fourth Champions League title. It is also the first ever goal of Messi on English soil.

There is no question now that Barca is among those teams that considered being the best football club and it was proven on the green pitch of Wembley that shattered the quest of Manchester United’s hope for European dominance. The 34th minute goal of Wayne Rooney was the last and only goal of ManU and the fun is already over when Barca never looked back by making two more goals through Messi’s brilliance en-route to a 3-1 victory.

27 May 2011

Champions League Finals - Showtime at Wembley

The football season in Europe has just concluded but the battle for supremacy is not finish yet and tomorrow is the most anticipated clash between Manchester United and Barcelona at Wembley Stadium to decided who will be the king of European football. It will be a classic re-match for the two great football clubs in Europe and for sure millions of football fanatics and wannabes are expected to tune in to watch the English and Spanish champions collide for the most prestigious tournament in club football.

The 90,000 capacity Wembley Stadium will be packed to see probably the best final of the decade. Both teams are seeking to lift the trophy for the fourth time but Barca has slight favorites despite that the match is taking place in English soil. ManU on the other hand is trying to avenge the 2009 defeat in a disappointing 2-0 loss in Rome.

I'm not going to make predictions but I like to see ManU win the game for I am a Los Blancos buff. And there are so many sites who are offering you to watch the UEFA Champions League Live online for free.

24 May 2011

Oscar De La Hoya is Fighting Again

The boxing world was still in shock when Oscar De La Hoya is fighting again but this time it is away from the four corners of the ring. De La Hoya enters into rehab in California for some sort of addiction but it is still remain unclear as to what kind of addiction he is presently suffering. There are so many speculations coming out and one notable is that he enters rehab for drug abuse but nothing is definite though.

In fact, in the statement that he issued through Golden Boy Promotions is quite fuzzy as well and he did not talking about it directly and this is what he said:

"After doing an honest evaluation of myself, I recognize that there are certain issues that I need to work on. Like everyone, I have flaws, and I do not want to be one of those people that is afraid to admit and address those flaws.

Throughout my career and my life, I have always met all challenges head-on, and this is no different. I am confident that with the support of my family and friends, I will become stronger, healthier person.

I ask for respect and provicy as my family and I go through this process."

23 May 2011

Vettel Wins Again in Spanish Grand Prix

Formula One champion Sebastian Vettel withstands the pressure and fends off Hamilton in the closing laps in way to his fourth win in five races. And the McLaren’s Lewis and Jenson completed the podium by finishing second and third, respectively. The win did not come as easy for Vettel for Hamilton is not that far behind and was only six tenths of a second adrift when they cross the finish line.

Lewis gets to the nerves of Vettel in the finishing laps when he tried to overtake and stayed to close to Vettel until the last second just before reaching the chequered flag. And the thought of having a boring and another lopsided race by the Red Bulls, turns out to be a much closely fought contest right at the very end.

Next stop is Monaco Grand Prix, one of the most interesting races that are held on a narrow course at the street circuit of Monte Carlo which includes the famous harbour.

21 May 2011

Ronaldo Break and Sets New Record

Cristiano Ronaldo tied a two-decade old Spanish football goal in a season at 38 but yesterday he made history for Real Madrid  when he breaks the old record for goals in a single season in La Liga when he scored twice in Real Madrid’s 8-1 demolition of the relegated bound Almeria. He has re-written the record books by setting a new Spanish league record at 40 goals.

Ronaldo has erased the more than two-decade old record and will be crowned as the Pichichi King. He also surpassed Messi’s 52 goals scored in all competition with his 53 total number of goals this season but the latter will still have to see action on Saturday’s Champions League finals. While on the other hand, Barcelona has already been declared La Liga champions, capturing its third straight league trophy and will be playing on Saturday against Manchester United for the Champions League finals at Wembley.

The season is already over and the Los Blancos will just have to be contented with the single trophy they got after beating arch rival Barcelona in the Copa del Rey finals. And can only look forward for the next season.

20 May 2011

Most Interesting Blog Award Contest

I was blog hopping the other day when I stumble into a blog contest (well, I was actually hunting for a contest) called "Most Interesting Blog Award" in the Weblog of Roy. The mechanics is so easy that there isn't any complicated rules to follow, in fact, it is straight forward. That's always the first rule that would entice me to jump on with the contest and the other one is of course the prizes on hand.

It is probably at the right time and right moment, since I was planning and seriously considering of transferring my blog to a self hosted site and then the first prize of this contest is a ".COM Domain Name". Isn't it a coincidence? At least, I don't have to pay for a domain name if ever I won the top prize. Huh, I'm dreaming already.

This is my official entry to the Most Interesting Blog Award Contest and you can check the entire mechanics on how to join here.

One thing that you must do also is to submit an entry post that you think is interesting to read. You can find my entry post Star of Life in my medical and health blog Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness. It is about the life and struggles of an EMS provider or widely known as the EMT's. If you find it interesting kindly vote for it here starting 30 May 2011 and the voting will run for 10 days. You can leave a comment here if you want me to remind you.

19 May 2011

Saving a Reporter's Life

Talking of fast reflexes..?

Check out the video below of Evan Longoria. Yeah you read it right, "Evan" with "N" and not Eva Longoria the Desperate Housewives actress.

Evan probably saves the reporter's life with his fast reflexes by making a crazy bare hand baseball catch before it hits her, probably face on.!! And observe the surprise face of the reporter. I don't know what would happen to her if it hits her right on...

17 May 2011

Liftoff for One Last Endeavour

Today’s post used to be yesterday but what’s happening in the sports that I followed for quite some time has so many record breaking that’s hard to pass. And to break the monotony of writing about sports for the last two weeks, it’s time for us to get out of the earth for one last Endeavour.

Last March, Discovery returns to earth from her own final voyage and leads her two sisters (Endeavour and Atlantis) into retirement. And yesterday, space shuttle Endeavour liftoff at Cape Canaveral to embarked in her last mission in space before her own retirement on June 1. Endeavour is the youngest of the last three surviving space shuttles and is the second to the last space mission.

If you remember the fatal day on 28 January 1986, it’s the day when space shuttle Challenger disintegrates over the Atlantic Ocean just 73 seconds after liftoff, killing all seven crew members. And because of such disastrous event, the creation of Endeavour follows which was also known to be constructed from the spare parts originally meant for Challenger. Shuttle Endeavour’s final flight to the International Space Station was commanded by Mark Kelly, the husband of US Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who survive from a fatal shooting to the head.

After Endeavour’s 16-day mission, she will be retired to her final home at the California Science Center in Los Angeles. Endeavour will return to earth on 1 June, which reportedly is the same day the last space shuttle Atlantis scheduled to move out to the launch pad in preparation for the last and final mission of the fleet of space shuttles.

16 May 2011

Novak "No Djok" kovic is Closing In

The world’s number two, Novak Djokovic who spent years under the shadow of Federer and Rafa is closing in to take the number one spot from Nadal and it may probably come real soon. It’s no “Djok” for Novak with the way he is playing at the moment. He seems to manhandle Rafa in his favorite clay court and more so that he ended Nadal’s two year dominance in clay by beating him at the Italian Open. In fact, it’s twice in a row for Djokovic since he also beat Nadal last week at Madrid Open.

And you think that would be it?

It seems that there’s no way of stopping Djokovic (at least at this moment) in his mastery over Nadal and Roger. He won twice in a row already on clay court but it is actually four overall that he have beaten Nadal every time they meet in the finals. It all started at the Indian Wells Masters and next was in Miami Masters. It did not stop right there as it rolled to Nadal’s favorite clay surface. He defeated Nadal for the first time on clay in Madrid Open and became the first player to beat Rafa on clay twice in a row on the same year. He has now won seven consecutive tournaments since the Davis Cup.

And a week going to the Roland Garros, Djokovic have been collecting a bunch of records and possibly re-write the old history record of 46 ATP winning streak in the Open era. He is now standing at 37 wins that started at his second grand slam title at the Australian Open but it could stretch longer to 39 wins if the Davis Cup is included. Then possibly grab the number 1 ranking from Nadal after the French Open. So don’t miss Novak “No Djok” kovic in his quest to claim the world number 1 spot in men’s tennis starting on 22 May.

14 May 2011

The Double Champions: ManU and Man City?

The EPL have some interesting match going on today. The first of the most notable game is between ManU and Blackburn. Manchester United is trying to make history in the Premier League by breaking records and re-writing history books. A draw with Blackburn will adjudged them as champions for 2010-2011 EPL season but a loss will give Chelsea a little room to breathe if they manage to win their remaining last two games because an EPL tie-breaker will be decided through goal difference. While Blackburn are trying to escape from a very crowded relegation area and a win will boost their chance to survive from being relegated.

But it is not just about winning trophies, it’s also about trying to fight for survival and avoid being relegated. At the bottom end of the table, the Rovers are not alone in the fight; the Wolves and Blackpool are into it as well. They are only separated by 2 and 3 points respectively, and any slip up will hurt them very badly in their fighting chance to survive in the Premier League. While Birmingham City is trying as well, their luck in their match at home against Fulham tomorrow.

Perhaps, the biggest game that will happen today (at least in my perspective) is Man City’s game against Stoke in FA Cup final at Wembley which also happened to be the venue of the Champions League final between ManU and Barca later this month. It’s on 28 May to be exact but that’s another thing to talk about. Manchester City is facing a defining moment by attempting to end the football club’s 35 years drought and seeking their first piece of silverware.

So, grab a seat and don’t miss English Premier League’s football action. I’m sure you won’t be able to be on two different venues at the same time considering the time strap of the match.

10 May 2011

Nuri Sahin - New Real Madrid Acquisition

Bundesliga Champ, Turkish midfielder Nuri Sahin has become the new Real Madrid acquisition. He signed up a six-year contract and left Dortmund (the recently crowned Bundesliga Champions). It seems that the Los Blancos is not on a cash strapped season and there’s no ending of player spending. Last season, they have signed up several players for a multi million deals and that’s not to include the multi awarded coach Jose Mourinho.
Sahin is known to be a master at free kicks and had an impressive record sheet under his shoe. In fact, he became the youngest player to ever played and score in the Bundesliga at the age of 16 years. Sahin’s addition will augment the midfield area along side Xavi. He added that the reason he is leaving Dortmund is because of Mourinho and the opportunity to play at a prestigious club.

Real Madrid was able to salvage the season by winning the Copa del Rey against archrival Barca, ending a two seasons trophy drought. But Barca took a more aggressive stand by ousting them at the Champions League semifinals that resulted in both teams lodging complaints to FIFA.

08 May 2011

The Thrill of European Football Leagues

This blog has become a sports niche blog and if you have noticed in the recent posts that I had, 90% of it, I have been writing about sports and majority of it is on a sport that I haven't played a single game ever in my life. I have been writing updates, news and previews about football since March 2011 from the La Liga to Serie A that extends towards the European Champions League games with a brief stopover in the Premier League.

But most of what I wrote is about my favorite team Real Madrid, which you might notice that I have been very biased at some point. There’s just so much to say about the Los Blancos especially their rivalry against Barca and take note that there have been four El Clasico that happened in less than a month. They met each other in three different league games starting from their second Clasico in La Liga going to the finals of Copa del Rey and it ended at their Champions League semifinal meeting that provokes unwarranted circumstances.

Most of the European League at this time is almost finish and there are only two or three games left to go but only in Serie A that a definite champion is proclaimed already whatever is the outcome of Inter Milan’s game. Even if they will win, there are no enough points to surpass city rival AC Milan in claiming the Scudetto for the first time since 2004. It is even sweeter for they stopped the 5 year reign and dominance of Inter in the domestic league.

Other interesting matches to watch are the games of ManU and Chelsea and Barca against city rival Espanyol. The odds are, if ManU wins it will set them six points clear from Chelsea and needed one more point to claim a record breaking 19 Premier League trophies with two more games remaining. While Barca on the other hand, if they win, it would be near impossible for Real Madrid to catch them up and they can claim the La Liga trophy with a draw at Levante mid of this week.

07 May 2011

AC Milan Clinch Serie A Title

AC Milan did not prolong the agony of waiting for another game to be crowned Serie A champions. The Rossoneri did not waste time in ending the five year dominance of city rival Inter Milan by clinching the Scudetto with a 0-0 draw at Roma. Milan won the Italian title for the first time since 2004 in just several minutes ago. Although Inter still has three more games left and if they win in all of its remaining matches, they could still tie AC Milan in 78 points (even if they lose in their last two games) but Milan holds the tie breaker advantage by sweeping both their league matches.

The Serie A title is decided by the head-to-head record if teams finish level on points unlike in the Premier League that uses goal difference in deciding in case there’s a need for tie breaker.

While in Spain, Real Madrid kept their slim chance of claiming the La Liga title with a thrashing 6-2 win at Sevilla and hoping Barcelona will lose at home against city rival Espanyol on 8 May. A Barca loss will give the Los Blancos another day of hope knowing that there are still nine more points left to grab. If Barcelona won, the slim chance will become so dim that it is near impossible for Real to catch up unless Barca loses in their last three games. Which is very unlikely to happen for they only lost twice this season and with the kind of form they are playing they probably will win two major trophies this season.

06 May 2011

Pacquiao VS Mosley: Who Will You Pick

The time has come for Pacquiao and Mosley to face each other in the square ring at MGM Grand on Saturday 7 May, Sunday in some part of the world. After months of endless hype, finally we will see one of the greatest fights in boxing history.

Who will you pick then?

The oddsmakers in the gambling town of Las Vegas made PacMan a 6-1 favorite to beat Mosley and defend his WBO welterweight title but Sugar Shane dismissed any suggestions that he is past his prime and was in decline but not to mention that he is 39 years old already. Although some critics would say that there could be surprises in the early rounds and in fact, Mosley has said that it’s going to get very interesting, very quick. Whether Mosley is not in a decline and not too old to fight Pacquiao, we must understand that having slow reflexes against Pacquiao is a big problem knowing that he has a lightning fast hands and very quick to evade counter punch. And before you knew it, he is already long been gone and out of reach. I don’t know if Mosley can keep up with that which brings to another question.

But there are more on what boxing gloves Manny are wearing on the fight night than the fight itself. He will use a pair of yellow boxing gloves that symbolizes hope to end poverty. Which Manny have said, that his biggest fight is how to end poverty in the Philippines.

Nonetheless, whatever is the outcome of the fight tomorrow; Pacquiao is guaranteed to earn $20 (whooping) million price money and remember that’s not to include the share of the pay per view that could possibly even reach up to $1.5 million sales.

And one more thing though, Pacquiao VS Mosley is not the only important sport to watch tomorrow. The Rossoneri is trying to take the Scudetto for the first time since 2004 with even just a draw against Roma.

05 May 2011

European Football News and Previews

The Champions League game last night between Manchester United and Schalke came into conclusion in a fantastic fashion of football skills. Although it has long gone decided who would be in the finals after ManU defeated their opponent 2-0 at Veltins Arena. And I thought the game at Old Trafford would just be a formality considering that there are several key players who did not show action and was left to rest for their upcoming Premier League match with Chelsea on Sunday, 8 May. The game is crucial for both teams since ManU is only 3 points clear from the Blues.

Any slip up could mean disastrous to any of the two but more importantly to the Red Devils. Aside from protecting the 3 points lead, it will also be the deciding factor if Chelsea won and both emerge victorious in their own remaining 2 games. In that case, Chelsea will have an advantage since they could move ahead in goal difference as they are currently tied at 38. But the way ManU are playing last night’s Champions League match, they played a superb and nearly flawless game by thrashing Schalke 4-1. More so that the Red Devils is unbeaten at Old Trafford this season and they have defeated Chelsea in the Champions League quarterfinals and a draw in their first game at Stamford Bridge.

But the Blues are not quite ready to hand over the Premier League title yet, for they have the momentum at their side. The fact sheets would tell that they are unbeaten in their last 11 games and on a 5 games winning streak.

Nonetheless, it is not the only game that a must see match for AC Milan is also banking for its first Scudetto since 2004. And they could clinch it on Saturday by just a draw at AS Roma despite having 2 games more left to play after that as goal difference does not apply in Serie A but the head to head record, instead. A draw will tie them with Inter, granting the Nerazzurri will win their remaining 3 games, but the Rossoneri had a head to head advantage by beating them in their 2 games.

The European football has been jumped packed with superlative football actions starting last month in La Liga with the rare four El Clasico.

04 May 2011

Facebook : See Picture of Osama Bin Laden Dead

Since the so called death of Bin Laden there have been a lot of post about it and I've seen a post  in Facebook about a picture of Osama Bin Laden dead and some are sharing a link in your profile wall. Then there’s a heading phrase that it will leave you speechless. I was tempted to click on the link since it came from a friend and also posts from friend’s profile as well. So I did click the link and it opened to a new window that will let you click one more button with the instructions “Please complete our new 5 seconds security check to see picture”.

Once you click on the button “See The Picture”, the security check will appear with another instructions to perform before you can view the so called picture of Osama dead. The instructions are the following:

I am not sure what will happen after you do all those and so I did not continue doing it for I might do something bad in my laptop that it might be corrupted. Although I know what’s with numbers 1 and 3 but not quite sure about the number 2. And of course, numbers 4 and 5 is self explanatory.

There are two things that came in my mind, first is, I know that there are so many unscrupulous activities in the net and perhaps the instructions will just serve as security check (as stated) eventually. But on the other hand, at the back of my mind I have this doubt of why would a security check will go around a shortcuts if the intention is just to check. I am not a techy person so I have to go with what I believe is the right thing to do when you are in doubt and don’t know that outcome would be.

If you have done it already, would you let me know what happens after you do all the instructions?

03 May 2011

Barcelona reached Champions League finals

The last of the four Clasicos came to an end in a stalemate but Barca still advance to the Champions League finals through a superior quotient after beating archrival Real Madrid at the Bernabeu, 2-0. The match in Madrid on 27 April was full of controversies that leads both teams raising complaints to the UEFA. If you are watching last today's rain soaked game at the Nou Camp, it was relatively a different game with less infractions but I still could see some resemblance of what happened last week at the Bernabeu. It is sad to see Madrid's exit from the Champions League but they are playing without their tactician on the pitch and was reported no where to be found on the stands. The Los Blancos are also without defender Pepe and Ramos, the crucial element of the Merengues defensive wall.

It was after Pepe was sent off that Barca was able to score its first goal, penetrating the once sturdy wall of the Los Blancos. Subsequently, Mourinho got his own red card too right after the call when he argued the uncharacteristic sending off of his ever reliable defender. Many have said and believe that Barca is playing or is good at diving acting (not on playing the game of football) during the match and was highly favored by the referees. This leads to the complaints filed by both teams but was later turned down and denied by the governing body (UEFA).

Barcelona are not awaiting the winner between ManU and Schalke on their own second leg tomorrow at  the Old Trafford. ManU is protecting a 2-0 lead after humiliating Schalke right at their own home pitch last week. A ManU win or even just a draw is enough for them to advance in the finals to face Barca and this could be a rematch of the 2009 Champions League finals at Stadio Olimpico, in which Barcelona won. Then Barca earned a historic treble in that season by winning La Liga and the Copa del Rey, to add to its Champions League silverware. But this time, even Barca will win in the finals there will never be a treble again for we all know who won the just concluded Copa del Rey at the Mestalla.

02 May 2011

Celebrating 9 Month Old Baby Seth

I'm celebrating my 9 month b-day at Fridays again but in a different place.

When are we going to eat my foods? I am hungry already...

Let me just drink my coke first if you aren't eating yet..

01 May 2011

A New TV Series to Watch...

A new TV show that you must not miss to watch in the weeks to come which will be shown right in your own comfort.

This is out of boredom when you are left alone in a big house and be content to see and talk to your love ones through the cyberspace yet far better than nothing. The four walls of silence is great but not for a long time. Sleeping uninterrupted at night is far more soothing but waking up alone makes you want to just dream again and doze off.

How I wish that when I woke up tomorrow, it's already July so I can feel their warm embrace and the smell of an infant.