20 May 2011

Most Interesting Blog Award Contest

I was blog hopping the other day when I stumble into a blog contest (well, I was actually hunting for a contest) called "Most Interesting Blog Award" in the Weblog of Roy. The mechanics is so easy that there isn't any complicated rules to follow, in fact, it is straight forward. That's always the first rule that would entice me to jump on with the contest and the other one is of course the prizes on hand.

It is probably at the right time and right moment, since I was planning and seriously considering of transferring my blog to a self hosted site and then the first prize of this contest is a ".COM Domain Name". Isn't it a coincidence? At least, I don't have to pay for a domain name if ever I won the top prize. Huh, I'm dreaming already.

This is my official entry to the Most Interesting Blog Award Contest and you can check the entire mechanics on how to join here.

One thing that you must do also is to submit an entry post that you think is interesting to read. You can find my entry post Star of Life in my medical and health blog Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness. It is about the life and struggles of an EMS provider or widely known as the EMT's. If you find it interesting kindly vote for it here starting 30 May 2011 and the voting will run for 10 days. You can leave a comment here if you want me to remind you.

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  1. will vote for you sir rob..and good luck!