04 May 2011

Facebook : See Picture of Osama Bin Laden Dead

Since the so called death of Bin Laden there have been a lot of post about it and I've seen a post  in Facebook about a picture of Osama Bin Laden dead and some are sharing a link in your profile wall. Then there’s a heading phrase that it will leave you speechless. I was tempted to click on the link since it came from a friend and also posts from friend’s profile as well. So I did click the link and it opened to a new window that will let you click one more button with the instructions “Please complete our new 5 seconds security check to see picture”.

Once you click on the button “See The Picture”, the security check will appear with another instructions to perform before you can view the so called picture of Osama dead. The instructions are the following:

I am not sure what will happen after you do all those and so I did not continue doing it for I might do something bad in my laptop that it might be corrupted. Although I know what’s with numbers 1 and 3 but not quite sure about the number 2. And of course, numbers 4 and 5 is self explanatory.

There are two things that came in my mind, first is, I know that there are so many unscrupulous activities in the net and perhaps the instructions will just serve as security check (as stated) eventually. But on the other hand, at the back of my mind I have this doubt of why would a security check will go around a shortcuts if the intention is just to check. I am not a techy person so I have to go with what I believe is the right thing to do when you are in doubt and don’t know that outcome would be.

If you have done it already, would you let me know what happens after you do all the instructions?

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