27 March 2012

Having An Aesthetically Appealing Bedroom

Sleeping well and having a beautiful bed room matters to me. How about you?

If you have flipped through furniture magazines, surfed through the net and visited quite a number of hotels, I think you would appreciate the beauty of having wooden bed frames and a wooden bed. Having these in your bedroom is giving your room not only a classic but somehow a more “earthy” tone or look. I must also say that beds and bedroom furniture should be a big deal. Have you realized that on average, you spend 6-8 hours in your bedroom! Shouldn’t you make sure that it is a pleasant, welcoming room to sleep with?

On a healthy note, it would help us all to remember that having wooden beds is good as back support. Having good support for our back as we sleep has too often been a forgotten story since we have all just wanted the comfort of a thick mattress on our bed. But still nothing beats a good, solid, wooden bed to give good support for our back.

Let me go back a bit to having an aesthetically appealing bedroom. As I’ve said having wooden bed frames and a wooden bed can give that classic look to your room. Sometimes we just appreciate this look as we see it in hotels or resorts but we never get to think of trying that look in our own beds. And what is stopping us? Why not bring what we admire outside into our daily reality? A bedroom makeover may just be what we need to make our bedrooms a bit more welcoming, a bit more interesting.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.

24 March 2012

Day 30 in Football: Could be the Turning Point?

It is day 30 in La Liga and English Premier League while it is still day 29 in Serie A, yet there are something in common amongst them. There are a lot of things that will happen if they are going to lose this game or even just a draw will turn things around dramatically.

It is crucial for Chelsea, QPR and Man City to win the game on hand if they are going to at least remove some pressure and stay with their own individual task in the standings. Although QPR is in must win situation in order to stay away from relegation or the last three should lose their own games. Man City is trying to snatch back the top spot from ManU at least for two days as they travel to Stoke City today and ManU will play at home with Fulham.

Across the English Channel, Real Madrid is trying to stop a 2-game without a win and to keep their lead from Barcelona which is already cut down to six points that used to be from 10. Both clubs have games today but it will be another two hours later before we know the result between Real Madrid and Real Sociedad. Meanwhile, AC Milan on the other hand is also trying to increase their four-point lead from Juventus who will be seeing in action tomorrow against Inter.

I am just hoping that the teams I routed with will win their respective games.

NB: Image from wikimedia commons.