30 June 2011

Cebu, Philippines Vacation Mode

Starting today 30 June it will take some time or it maybe several weeks or might not have any updates at all here for I will be on vacation mode for at least three weeks. My other blog "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness" may not be updated also for the same reason.

Hello Cebu, Philippines here I come. Be arriving in the afternoon at Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) and be meeting my lil son at the airport for they have a separate flight later in the afternoon. For two months I haven't seen him physically for he needs a third opinion for the skin rashes he have had since he was two or three months old. Been seeing several doctors but it seems there's no stopping yet of the rashes so we decided to have another expert see him in our place. Anyway, that's another post to talk about then.

Even before reaching the airport when I left the house, there's already a story to tell and I will make a separate entry for that as will. So, it may take until later this month that I can  update or for the next post after this to appear. It's a will deserve vacation worth taking. See you around and hope you'll be patient for I'm sure there will be more story to tell about Cebu, Philippines vacation.

26 June 2011

I Am Now An Addict

Officially I am now an addict. Sorry for the use of word. And yes, you heard it right that I am now a self proclaimed addict. Lately, I have been playing Angry Birds while my lil boy is not around to take care with. So there was enough time to burn. Although I have heard about Angry Birds long way back but haven't even tried checking it out and much more playing it. But since I have been reading it from forum friends in Adgitize, I went to Google to get some idea about this game (which they often said as addictive). And after reading and seeing some funny characters, I did not waste any time and download the PC version from Google Chrome. Although it is not much in there to play but it is enough to make you nuts and be annoyed when you aren't able to blast all the pigs.

Then the addiction starts crawling, slowly and consistently until you become hooked up with it. In fact, I went to Angry Birds Facebook account and as of 23 June 2011, there been 4 million likes and is still growing at a fairly rate. The video below is Angry Birds Rio trailer which I just got (including the latest update) two days ago and within 24 hours I finished the whole 90 stages and of course there were three different episodes. I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

On the other hand, I found Angry Birds Rio version to be not as difficult as the other versions but still pretty competitive in many sense. Just the degree of difficulty is (at least to me) a bit below from what I have played at Google Chrome. Oh by the way, you can download it for free at Google Chrome but of course it can only be used with the Chrome browser yet Chrome I believe is as good as the rest of the browsers out there. So head now to Chrome and start being annoyed and be one of the Angry Birds too. Squawk... Ca-caw...!!!

25 June 2011

Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic Walkthrough

As the Angry Birds cannot be stopped and if you haven't known it yet (which I doubt), that the Seasons Summer Edition has been released and you can check the Summer Pignic trailer. The video below is the Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic Walkthrough. It only shows level 1 only while it was just released recently. So go to your App Store now and have a great summer vacation together with the birds... Ca-caw...!

24 June 2011

Angry Birds Seasons : Summer Pignic

OK, hear this out... "Summer is here, but unfortunately the pigs never take vacations..."

That's what you gonna get from Angry Birds FB account, they are going to have a summer edition. The Angry Birds Seasons: Summer Pignic has been released so take advantage of the summer edition before you go to the beach. It featured 30 annoying and angry bird levels.

Check out the trailer of Angry Birds Seasons Summer Pignic below and have fun... Squawk...!

Watch out tomorrow for the first level walkthrough of Summer Pignic. Stay safe in the beach, birds...! Ca-caw.!

22 June 2011

What is Freedom...

This video song has captured my attention with the strong words that he use in the lyrics most especially that in the past several months there have been a lot of conflict and uprising in some parts in the Middle East and Africa. It is not only in the lyrics that made me like the song but also with the choice of the tune in his music. The softness of his voice is even great and if you listen deeper in the lyrics, you'll realize how difficult it is to be able to be free. You have to fight for it to get it and earn.

And to quote what a very good friend Ahed Najjar had said, "Freedom means equal rights for every person on Earth".

And how I wish we don't have to fight for it and much worse to die from oppression and for what we called Freedom.

21 June 2011

Seth at 11 Months

Our little boy is growing bigger each day and he turns 11 months four days ago. He got his cookies and cream cake and I was thinking of getting him an Angry Birds cake on his first birthday. I saw some designs at their Facebook account yesterday and I think it would be great to have one.

And he seems to be enjoying his celebration.

And off to practicing to walk again.

And finally he wants to fly like superman.

20 June 2011

Angry Birds Classic Mine and Dine

Rovio released another episode of Angry Birds three days ago. The new episode of Angry Birds classic mine and dine is now available at iTunes App Store with 15 new levels of fun. How I wish it would be available in chrome too so I could play a new annoying (sometimes) levels.

And before you even finish this new episode there will be another coming. I just saw in their Facebook account that Angry Bird Seasons: Summer Pignic will be available soon.

18 June 2011

Father's Day

This caption was sent to me by our youngest sister. A tribute to all fathers out there.

This is taken during one of our conversations in Skype with my son.

Happy Father's Day to all fathers out there.

17 June 2011

Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness has Moved

Maybe some of you did not know yet that "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness" has been moved to a new self hosted site. Yes, you read it right. I have transferred it already to its own (dot) com domain and has been self hosted too when I won a giveaway contest from Techie She which you can find her post here. Although it has been successfully transferred but it is still under construction and needs some fine tuning. It is still a mess out there but you can see all the posts already from my previous blogger site.

It's been under wordpress now but I never thought that the woods is so thick that as of this time I'm still trying to figure out the way around the dashboard in wordpress. I'm not a techie savvy and only knew a little and can only follow simple step by step direction. So, there are a lot of things missing in there yet. Widgets and plug-ins are still missing and that itself is giving me a headache already, in fact, the sitemap (although was a success) took me a long time to figure out. The RSS Feed, I am not sure yet and I wish I could finish it before I leave for a long four week vacation next month.

And for now, I am just happy that the new (dot) com domain is running and I am learning in wordpress day by day... one at a time.

14 June 2011

Happy Little Vacationer

Our little boy vacationer is enjoying and having a good time in the Philippines.

Chasing his mom and trying out his new walker.

Nothing more you can ask for a smile like this.

You cannot deny how happy he is and how much he enjoyed. It's very evident.

12 June 2011

Angry Birds Live in Barcelona

Watch how people use a simple smartphone to play a life-size version of Angry Birds game.

A good tribute to Angry Birds fanatics. The video is fun to watch.

11 June 2011

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways

In the past two weeks, I actively was joining some blogger contest. I had fun and frustration at some point and that it is always true that when a door closes on you... don't worry so much for another window will open and it will when you least expected it. That is (I believe) the most fulfilling thing you'll get you got something when you least expected it. In short, I lost one and win big in the other. It shows on the photo below.

I joined the Most Interesting Blog Award contest at Weblog of Roy and my entry post was Star of Life, it talks about the life and frustrations of being a paramedic. And the contest ends today and the winner has been published already but it is obvious and very evident that I did not won in that contest. And if I did, you should see a different photo above, right?

Yet a twist of faith was just right at the corner. After I checked Roy's contest, I immediately visited Techie She blog which is owned by Sheryl of Georyl, to check for updates. But in fact, I went directly to the contest page and it wasn't until it came into my mind to check her main page and I almost click the "x" button at the right upper corner of my browser.

I don't know what came in my mind at that time, that instead of clicking the "x" button, I click her banner image when I was trying to look for the homepage link and did not find it (even it was just right there). I was surprise to see a familiar image at her most recent post and voila...! It is indeed my personal blog that I saw and I became the winner of her Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Contest Week No. 1.

And my winning prize is Free One Year Blog Hosting. Isn't that sweet...!

10 June 2011

What if everything ran on gas? Part 2

And what if everything didn't?

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to post this video and I am not in whatsoever way connected or linked to the company mentioned in the ads.

This time which one is your favorite that gives you a quirky grin. And if you ask me which one is mine... I would say the last part.

09 June 2011

What if everything ran on gas?

As what the title says... it has said it all.

Disclaimer: I am not being paid to post this video and I am not in whatsoever way connected or linked to the company mentioned in the ads.

Posting this just came out from pure fun and humor when I saw the advertising campaign and decided to share what an entertaining way to educate people to go green. And really...! "What if everything ran on gas?"

So, what's your favorite gas powered equipment? Mine is the one used by the dentist and not behind it is the computer. I hope you had fun and come back tomorrow for another hilarious video.

08 June 2011

This Is The Only Time We Will See

July is fast approaching and to ease the loneliness, I am just counting the remaining days so it would pass by much faster. July is not just the day when a very much needed rest from work and also at least to escape from the scourging hot summer. Hello Cebu, Philippines, I will be coming anytime soon. But what is more important about July 2011... it is the month when our  lil boy become 1 year old.

Yet there are interesting facts that would happen in 2011 and it is amazing to know it as well:
  • July has 5 Fridays, 5 Saturdays and 5 Sundays (it is known to happen every 823 years)
  • There are four (4) unusual dates that will happen this year too:
                 - 1/1/11                          - 1/11/11
                 - 11/1/11                        - 11/11/11
  • And last but not the least, take the last two digit of the year you were born then add that to the age you will be this year. The sum of it will be 111.
And this is the only time we will see this amazing numbers and for sure we won't be around for the next.

06 June 2011

Nikon D5100 Extra Ordinary Angles Contest

Recently I joined a contest sponsored by Nikon Asia in the Nikon D5100 Extra Ordinary Angles and the photo below is my entry to the contest. I called it Towering at the Top since this edifice of Mother Mary is located on top of the hill that has more than 100 steps before you can reach the top of the hill.

This photo contest is used to celebrate the launch of the newest D5100 Nikon camera which runs from 12 May to 15 June 2011. Joining the competition will give you a chance to win a brand new D5100 and a copy of one set of Nikon Capture NX2 software for the Top photos every week.

One thing though is that only contestants who resides in the following countries are allowed to join; Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, India, Thailand and New Zealand. And also to those who have a Facebook account which is used in voting purposes.

The theme is simply showing off regular things from unique angles. So if you like my entry you can vote for it here.

05 June 2011

All About Seth

My innocent pose..!!

My cross eyed looks. He knows how to make fun of himself.

Showing off his two front teeth.

04 June 2011

Federer - Nadal Renewed Epic Rivalry

Federer and Nadal renewed their epic rivalry again for the first time in more than two years now. Seeing both of them in Grand Slam finals or nay other finals match is of natural occurrence before then it suddenly stopped.  And tomorrow's Roland Garros is one that every tennis lover doesn't want to miss watching for it holds so much at stake for both of them.

Foremost is, Rafa wants to equal a record six Roland Garros title and his 10th Grand Slam title but more to that is trying to prevent Djokovic from snatching the number one spot ranking and so a win is a must for Rafa. He also builds up a very impressive record of 44-1 in the French Open and has never been beaten by Federer in four matches already and it was only during the time when Rafa was defeated by Soderling in 2009 that Roger got what he wanted to complete the grand slam titles by winning at Roland Garros.

It is not only Nadal who is chasing something, Federer on the other hand, is vying to extend his record breaking sixteen Grand Slam titles and to finally beat Nadal at Roland Garros. Although Nadal has dominated the clay court for several years now but the recent defeats from Djokovic at Madrid and Rome could serve as a lesson for Federer to uproot Rafa's dominance. Knowing that Federer ended Djokovic's impressive 41-match winning streak this year in a stunning four-set victory in the semis and that he must be playing his best tennis form.

A defeat by Nadal will hand over the number one crown to Djokovic. In contrast, Federer has little more to accomplish except that winning at Roland Garros with the fact that Nadal is across the net somehow a great achievement for him.

03 June 2011

Federer Snaps Djokovic Winning Streak

An epic battle in a nearly to be suspended match due to darkness unfolded a few minutes ago. The showdown between world's number two and three ends in a mixed emotions and a gentle reminder that Roger Federer should not be discounted until when it is done. No one's to be blamed of considering how impressive Djokovic unbeaten run this year that started from the Australian Open. But the Maestro snaps Djokovic winning streak at 43 unbeaten matches and ended Novak’s hope of dethroning Nadal at number 1. Yet, one thing is certain though, a great streak is bound to end.
image from wikimedia commons

The man who we thought seemed to be unstoppable for a long while finally ended his incredible winning streak and it ended in a bad moment. Roger doesn’t seem to have an old hand in taming Djokovic in probably one of his classic game by unleashing 18 aces including the winning shot in the tiebreaker fourth set. You seldom hear Federer roar, like a beast, in jubilation for every point he took away from Djokovic. Only a few times you’ll see Roger displayed a fist pumping and shouts during the match and the well mannered Federer just can’t seem to stop his self from celebrating one of his epic games.

Both played so well during their respective draw from the start but only one has to be declared winner and it is unfortunate that the recipient wasn’t Djokovic. Roger is just too good for him at this time.

02 June 2011

Seth at 10 Months Old.

This is what I am doing all the time and every day since the time my wife and our son had their own vacation since late April. I'm watching for any new photos of him and this one is what I will share for now.

 I want out of here and I want to walk now on the floor. But I think he's just showing off his few teeth.

It seems his index finger is much sweeter than his thumb.

And grandma is making fun at me when I was fast asleep. Looks like I'm smoking cigar without the fillers.