26 June 2011

I Am Now An Addict

Officially I am now an addict. Sorry for the use of word. And yes, you heard it right that I am now a self proclaimed addict. Lately, I have been playing Angry Birds while my lil boy is not around to take care with. So there was enough time to burn. Although I have heard about Angry Birds long way back but haven't even tried checking it out and much more playing it. But since I have been reading it from forum friends in Adgitize, I went to Google to get some idea about this game (which they often said as addictive). And after reading and seeing some funny characters, I did not waste any time and download the PC version from Google Chrome. Although it is not much in there to play but it is enough to make you nuts and be annoyed when you aren't able to blast all the pigs.

Then the addiction starts crawling, slowly and consistently until you become hooked up with it. In fact, I went to Angry Birds Facebook account and as of 23 June 2011, there been 4 million likes and is still growing at a fairly rate. The video below is Angry Birds Rio trailer which I just got (including the latest update) two days ago and within 24 hours I finished the whole 90 stages and of course there were three different episodes. I'm sure you know what I am talking about.

On the other hand, I found Angry Birds Rio version to be not as difficult as the other versions but still pretty competitive in many sense. Just the degree of difficulty is (at least to me) a bit below from what I have played at Google Chrome. Oh by the way, you can download it for free at Google Chrome but of course it can only be used with the Chrome browser yet Chrome I believe is as good as the rest of the browsers out there. So head now to Chrome and start being annoyed and be one of the Angry Birds too. Squawk... Ca-caw...!!!

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