03 June 2011

Federer Snaps Djokovic Winning Streak

An epic battle in a nearly to be suspended match due to darkness unfolded a few minutes ago. The showdown between world's number two and three ends in a mixed emotions and a gentle reminder that Roger Federer should not be discounted until when it is done. No one's to be blamed of considering how impressive Djokovic unbeaten run this year that started from the Australian Open. But the Maestro snaps Djokovic winning streak at 43 unbeaten matches and ended Novak’s hope of dethroning Nadal at number 1. Yet, one thing is certain though, a great streak is bound to end.
image from wikimedia commons

The man who we thought seemed to be unstoppable for a long while finally ended his incredible winning streak and it ended in a bad moment. Roger doesn’t seem to have an old hand in taming Djokovic in probably one of his classic game by unleashing 18 aces including the winning shot in the tiebreaker fourth set. You seldom hear Federer roar, like a beast, in jubilation for every point he took away from Djokovic. Only a few times you’ll see Roger displayed a fist pumping and shouts during the match and the well mannered Federer just can’t seem to stop his self from celebrating one of his epic games.

Both played so well during their respective draw from the start but only one has to be declared winner and it is unfortunate that the recipient wasn’t Djokovic. Roger is just too good for him at this time.

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