02 June 2011

Seth at 10 Months Old.

This is what I am doing all the time and every day since the time my wife and our son had their own vacation since late April. I'm watching for any new photos of him and this one is what I will share for now.

 I want out of here and I want to walk now on the floor. But I think he's just showing off his few teeth.

It seems his index finger is much sweeter than his thumb.

And grandma is making fun at me when I was fast asleep. Looks like I'm smoking cigar without the fillers.


  1. Hi Sir Rob, Seth's your son? Good looking boy! Hey, you advertising two blogs already. Keep it up...

  2. so cute little boy .. ooopps cigar is bad ha hehe!

  3. @Arnel: Yes, Seth is my son and thank you. There's only 1 blog that I advertise but sometimes it overlap when it's time to rotate them.

    Thanks for the concern @workingathome but don't ya worry, he won't get his hands on it.

  4. He certainly does look like he's ready to GO! Look out world when he gets that walking thing down pat.

  5. seth is big boy now!!!and mind you, very witty!!!

  6. @Sharkbytes: His grandma and pa are complaining already, that they are tired of watching him. LOL Knowing that he's still about to walk.

    @christine: I wonder were he got such. hehe