22 June 2011

What is Freedom...

This video song has captured my attention with the strong words that he use in the lyrics most especially that in the past several months there have been a lot of conflict and uprising in some parts in the Middle East and Africa. It is not only in the lyrics that made me like the song but also with the choice of the tune in his music. The softness of his voice is even great and if you listen deeper in the lyrics, you'll realize how difficult it is to be able to be free. You have to fight for it to get it and earn.

And to quote what a very good friend Ahed Najjar had said, "Freedom means equal rights for every person on Earth".

And how I wish we don't have to fight for it and much worse to die from oppression and for what we called Freedom.


  1. Heard his name but never hear his song , now just heard his song . He have a nice voice .

  2. Thanks for sharing this clipping.Beautiful song with deep meaning.