04 June 2011

Federer - Nadal Renewed Epic Rivalry

Federer and Nadal renewed their epic rivalry again for the first time in more than two years now. Seeing both of them in Grand Slam finals or nay other finals match is of natural occurrence before then it suddenly stopped.  And tomorrow's Roland Garros is one that every tennis lover doesn't want to miss watching for it holds so much at stake for both of them.

Foremost is, Rafa wants to equal a record six Roland Garros title and his 10th Grand Slam title but more to that is trying to prevent Djokovic from snatching the number one spot ranking and so a win is a must for Rafa. He also builds up a very impressive record of 44-1 in the French Open and has never been beaten by Federer in four matches already and it was only during the time when Rafa was defeated by Soderling in 2009 that Roger got what he wanted to complete the grand slam titles by winning at Roland Garros.

It is not only Nadal who is chasing something, Federer on the other hand, is vying to extend his record breaking sixteen Grand Slam titles and to finally beat Nadal at Roland Garros. Although Nadal has dominated the clay court for several years now but the recent defeats from Djokovic at Madrid and Rome could serve as a lesson for Federer to uproot Rafa's dominance. Knowing that Federer ended Djokovic's impressive 41-match winning streak this year in a stunning four-set victory in the semis and that he must be playing his best tennis form.

A defeat by Nadal will hand over the number one crown to Djokovic. In contrast, Federer has little more to accomplish except that winning at Roland Garros with the fact that Nadal is across the net somehow a great achievement for him.

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