30 June 2011

Cebu, Philippines Vacation Mode

Starting today 30 June it will take some time or it maybe several weeks or might not have any updates at all here for I will be on vacation mode for at least three weeks. My other blog "Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness" may not be updated also for the same reason.

Hello Cebu, Philippines here I come. Be arriving in the afternoon at Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) and be meeting my lil son at the airport for they have a separate flight later in the afternoon. For two months I haven't seen him physically for he needs a third opinion for the skin rashes he have had since he was two or three months old. Been seeing several doctors but it seems there's no stopping yet of the rashes so we decided to have another expert see him in our place. Anyway, that's another post to talk about then.

Even before reaching the airport when I left the house, there's already a story to tell and I will make a separate entry for that as will. So, it may take until later this month that I can  update or for the next post after this to appear. It's a will deserve vacation worth taking. See you around and hope you'll be patient for I'm sure there will be more story to tell about Cebu, Philippines vacation.


  1. Take care Sir Rob! Enjoy your vacation leave with your family! =)

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  3. Take care and happy trip sir Rob... I am sure you will enjoy your vacation.