11 June 2011

Techie She’s Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaways

In the past two weeks, I actively was joining some blogger contest. I had fun and frustration at some point and that it is always true that when a door closes on you... don't worry so much for another window will open and it will when you least expected it. That is (I believe) the most fulfilling thing you'll get you got something when you least expected it. In short, I lost one and win big in the other. It shows on the photo below.

I joined the Most Interesting Blog Award contest at Weblog of Roy and my entry post was Star of Life, it talks about the life and frustrations of being a paramedic. And the contest ends today and the winner has been published already but it is obvious and very evident that I did not won in that contest. And if I did, you should see a different photo above, right?

Yet a twist of faith was just right at the corner. After I checked Roy's contest, I immediately visited Techie She blog which is owned by Sheryl of Georyl, to check for updates. But in fact, I went directly to the contest page and it wasn't until it came into my mind to check her main page and I almost click the "x" button at the right upper corner of my browser.

I don't know what came in my mind at that time, that instead of clicking the "x" button, I click her banner image when I was trying to look for the homepage link and did not find it (even it was just right there). I was surprise to see a familiar image at her most recent post and voila...! It is indeed my personal blog that I saw and I became the winner of her Lucky Blogger Weekly Giveaway Contest Week No. 1.

And my winning prize is Free One Year Blog Hosting. Isn't that sweet...!


  1. congrats!
    hosting mas malaki yun kesa sa domain lang..domain na lang po ang kulang mo..hehehe..

    kong ikaw nanalo dun sa domain perfect na sana..pero okay na rin..blessing pa rin yun..

    baka next time..domain naman ang prize ni Techie she..

  2. Oh! Luck is your way..Keep smiling !! Congrats.