23 February 2011

How To Earn 100 Ad Views Points in Adgitize

If you are a member of Adgitize Advertising then you know what I am talking about. And if you are not a member yet then you can check what Adgitize is all about and why you should not miss getting a membership there especially if you are a blogger. We all know that in order to gain readers from what you have been blogging all these years, you need visitors or you must have good traffic so that your blog is search engine friendly. In other words, it can easily be found in any search engine.

Adgitize, I would say without any doubt, will bring traffic to your blog and they live to their slogan “Join Adgitize Today and Watch Your Blog Traffic Soar”. Aside from getting traffic, there are three ways on how you can possibly earn without altering your usual blogging routine. You can choose to be an Affiliate Member, become a Publisher and if you want to earn more then choose to be an Advertiser (just like myself). I’ve been an Adgitize advertiser since November of last year and have been paid three times already (you can check my first proof of payment here). I'll be posting later the remaining two payments sent to me.

Ok, let’s go back to the main topic here before I get carried away and be adrift farther of how Adgitize helps my blog traffic. Once you are accustomed on how t o earn in Adgitize, the next thing that will come out in your mind is how to maximize your earnings, right? You see, once you post something in your blog you’ll earn from it already, pay a visit in Adgitize forum and participate gives you additional points. And here’s the good part and the most interesting in getting additional point for your earnings to increase.

Once you finished displaying the ads or group ads (your better chance of better earnings) in your blog it starts to generate earnings already every time someone pays a visit or drops-by in your blog. That is translated as “Ad Views” and Page Views” points, giving you another way to increase your earnings. The highest points you could earn is 100 points each and there’s a lot of talk in the forum on how to score 100 Ad Views Points and Page View Points. Actually there is not secret on it, it is simply getting visitors to your blog. That’s it…! But that alone is so hard to come by and you need the help of Adgitize and your marketing strategy to help increase your daily traffic.

To reach the peak of Ad Views Points (which is 100) you MUST earn in your total ad views of at least 10,000 and that can translate into 60 page views points (possibly around 2,000 total page views earned).

Hurry up and advertise now in Adgitize...!!!


  1. I appreciate your general point, but despite the relative performance of small caps vs large caps, still find plenty of value in the smaller co's.

  2. I'm liking Adjitize, too. I don't mind clicking on Adjitize site banners, but I was wondering if there's such a thing as a group/program where people get together and click on each others Adsense ads. For example, I clicked on your Adsense banner. Thanks, Connie

  3. @Robert: There are a lot of blogger who cannot just afford to big advertising companies.

    @Connie: I heard this kind of thing from other forums I've been into before but I don't participate at it. When I got something, I get to let you know.

  4. @ Sir Rob: I doubt if my blog site can reach 10,000 in a day! Maybe it can in the distant future (lol) but for now I'm starting slow. I only get around 10 to 25 points for page views.

    @ Connie: I think what you're referring to is a "group clique" (yes -- spelt with a QUE) which is against Google Adsense rules.

    I'm glad Adgitize is not a group clique, else all the network members will get into trouble.