09 February 2011

Of Death Penalty and Wrongfully Convicted...

There have been several stories regarding people wrongfully convicted of the crimes they did not commit. It’s one of those sad tales about how the criminal justice system works and to those around it. This is one of those stories that people needs to understand about the criminal justice system before thinking and giving so much weight about death penalty. Although it is hard on which part you are going to side and it involves complex decision that is more daunting.

Some are even convicted unanimously by juries who often are mislead by their emotions and not use the mere fact of evidence. But even the evidence itself can be tampered and could be tricked by people who we thought will protect us from bad elements. There are way too many out there who have been released from prison for the crime/s they are wrongfully convicted. It is easy to release a wrongfully incarcerated man than those who are wrongfully executed.

Sometimes there are people who are caught in the middle of a wrong accusations and mistaken identity by simply resembling the same features as the actual perpetrator. But because too many instances the legal justice system were affected by ones emotions and have not seen the evidence objectively, we continue to see this kind of convictions.

The saddest part of it all is spending years and decades behind bars and later on you are released because you are wrongfully convicted of the crime you did not commit.

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