12 February 2011

The Knowledge of Success and Happiness...

I found the article below while while surfing the net in one of the forums and I think it has a good story to share and to reflect on.

A convoy is travelling across the desert… after a full day of travelling they decided to take a rest in the night. While they are still busy in the preparation of the food, they noticed a white smoke in the horizon coming so fast to where they are. They were afraid and shocked and before they realized the situation, a loud voice behind the smoke asked them to stop. All of them were frozen in their places… after a few seconds and the smoke cleared, a huge man appeared and asked them to collect as many as they can the small pieces of stone near them as many as they can. He also said that after one day of collecting the small pieces of stone you will be very happy then you will be very sad. After he said that advice, he disappeared.

Then they consulted each other and decided to follow what the man said and collected some stones even though they are not convinced of what it is. After a few hours, they prepare to continue the trip. But suddenly one man shouted happily, come on… come on…

They all went to him and found that all stones which he collected have changed over to a diamond then everyone run to their own luggage and checked the stones. And found out that it all has been changed to a diamond. All became very happy and start celebrating, but suddenly they all became sad because they did not collect more stones.

Moral of the story is: the diamond is the education and the knowledge which you gain through your life, in the beginning you feel it’s like the stone it’s heavy and has no use. But after so many years you will realize that it became an expensive diamond stone of success and happiness.

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