19 February 2011

Second El Clasico is fast approaching...

Real Madrid had a home game on the way now and I can't resist not to follow the game but aren't subscribe and I don't want to waste some fee for only a few games that I may like in a month. So I am just watching, I mean, reading the live text commentary at Yahoo Sports and while making this post... GOOOOAL...! by Benzema in just 6 minutes of playing time.

Today's game at the Bernabeu, home of the Los Blancos will be a test if they could catch up Barca in the La Liga championship race. Real Madrid is 5 points adrift from Barca. Real is trying to maintain the small gap between them when Barca unexpectedly draw with Sporting de Gijon last week in fact, they almost lost that game if not for the late goal of David Villa. A win will move them with in two points from the league leader Barcelona.

What's more interesting is the second round of El Clasico is fast approaching. We all know how Barcelon thrashed Real in their turf with a demolition score of 5 - 0. That is just so embarrassing knowing how Real Madrid have spent to get star players in their squad. But that's not it, the two bog clubs are fighting for supremacy again in the Copa del Rey on April 20, four days after the second Clasico.

15 minutes more left before half time and the score still remains the same. It looks like Real will salvage another win at home and have a clean record so far at home soil. A win will also extend Jose Mourinho's unbeaten run in home league games to a whooping nine years. 

And just as I about to publish this post and to left you hanging for an update tomorrow if Real will get another win, a GOOOOAL...! from Carvalho coming from Ronaldo could seal the game from here.

And there goes the half time... Looks like the game is over with the way Real Madrid is playing. They have dominated the ball possessions so far.

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