08 December 2012

The Champions League Saga

The Champions League last 16 teams were identified just a few days back and history is written in record books when the defending champions, Chelsea, became the first team to be knocked out of the elimination. They only manage to grab third place despite winning a big margin in their last match because Juve won in a slim margin although they can still play in the second tier, the Europa League.

While Man City continued their dreadful and pathetic games in the European League by not winning a single match in the elimination and eventually are at the bottom of group D which they associate as the group of death. For the main reason that teams picked in the group are either previous champions or defending champions of their respective leagues.

And as the Champions League season took a break in the grueling European matches, the date for the draw of the last 16 teams is just several days away. We will know by 20 December who will be paired with the best and greatest teams as Barca tries to get back in getting more silverware. Real Madrid on the other hand, is trying to add another Champions League trophy to their already illustrious history with a record nine UEFA Champions League trophies.

For the meantime, while waiting for 20 December, let's just watch Manny Pacquiao slug it off again with Juan Manuel Marquez in the Pacquiao vs Marquez 4.

Image from wikimedia commons.

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