23 December 2012

Happy Holidays Everyone

Recently, you’ll find many posts in this blog about sports that I love watching but never able to play them. But in the coming week it seems that I have to rest my mind thinking what to write about my favorite sports since they are also on Christmas holiday break. And I am sure they are wishing to spend some quality and happy holidays with their loved ones despite the only short break they have. 

And by early January, the tennis season will start and the first grand slam will be competed once more but there will be no Nadal at the Australian Open. If ever he will compete, he won’t be thinking of winning more matches as early at this time but will focus instead on his rehabilitation of his injured knee. 

The European football on the other hand will have an intense competition as they resume the battle in their own leagues for the coveted championship trophy. Although it wasn’t only about silverware but the pride to be champions and the bragging rights for one whole season are what matter most.

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