11 September 2012

A New World Indeed

Welcome to the new world, a place where foundational practices are constantly challenged, new discoveries are continually being made and new unconventional truths are relentlessly pursued. Perhaps, a new world indeed. 

Anyhow the last couple of years, there have been a rapid change and alteration to our traditional norms and old ways of living. Almost in all important areas of our society like the government, medical institutions, and educational system; new laws and regulations are being implemented and pushed. Things that used to be taboo and illegal have somehow been legalized, while many of the common practices that used to be allowed are now prohibited. 

One of the current burning topics, particularly in the medical field, is the medical marijuana evaluations centers. Used to be known as an evil drug, marijuana is now considered as a treatment to various ailments and sicknesses. For all the harm that it has caused, it is now sought as a solution to many medical problems that can be found at http://peoriamarijuanadoctor.com/

I bet most of us didn't see this coming. The government has to carefully study and weigh the pros and cons of this substance. The decision on this could very well lead to many other intriguing and critical resolutions that could ultimately make or break our society.

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  1. whoa! si mary jane i-legalize?? Recently lang, the gov't had burned the marijuana field somewhere in the south man to...pag i-legalize yan, patay na.. daghan mag tanom..

    BTW. thanks sa visit sa mahiwagang engkantada.. ako bisayaon kay basig mo-anhi sya haha.. kadtong naka visit sya sa akoa.. kanunay ko nga first commenter sa mga naay article kay engkantada.. karon kay ikaw may unang commenter nako, sa imo sya mo visit ug una :) mag dilang anghel sana ako.. weeee