11 July 2012

Online Insurance Renewal

I almost forgot to renew the insurance of my vehicle which was due last 7 June although I was asking already if there were new process or changes in the renewal. Lucky for me also because around 3-4 days before the due date, I received a text message from my insurance company that I may be able to renew it online. This is the first time that I knew about online renewal of vehicle insurance policy though I see it coming considering the unstoppable progress of the internet. And I think they are promoting a new feature since this is the first time I heard from them and I was insured at the same company for two years already.

So I tried my luck again and I don’t get any problem going through the process and was able to renew online my car insurance for 2013. My other problem now is whether it will be accepted in the traffic division for my car registration, so I did take my chance.

A day before the expiry, I went to the insurance company to take my policy card, took a priority number and found out that there were five people ahead of me… so I waited. What I didn't expect is the fast and smooth processes despite having only four agents around. The waiting time was probably less than 3-4 minutes and I’m out of the building already.

My next stop was the traffic division for registration. As usual, took a priority number and waited again but this time there were ten ahead of me and was glad that six people are entertaining the customers. And the same thing happened, it probably just took me five minutes to finish the registration then I was on my way back home. I left the house around 8:30 in the morning and was home already before 10 o’clock. The travel time to and from my desired destination was even longer than the actual time that I spent processing the insurance and registration of my car. And that’s the beauty of the internet and online transactions, it is making things a lot easier and faster yet there’s always an exception in the rule where online transaction became a headache.

And that I will be talking in my next post.


  1. Good thing there is online renewal for vehicle. There are transactions being done online that are so convenient for others. This is a good idea. I think i will do this also.

  2. one of the many conveniences that the Internet has given us. technology just makes everything easier.