08 July 2012

Federer’s Another Magnificent Milestone

I watched the Swiss maestro humbled Andy Murray in the finals at Wimbledon that many thought he could no longer compete with the younger legs. Yet, he once again defy that age is certainly not the case when it comes to his favorite court. It ended a Grand Slam title drought for Roger Federer and eventually became one of the oldest players to win a grand slam title and the second oldest to hold the number one ranking. It also puts on hold Britain’s 76-year wait for a homegrown champion once again though Andy is almost right there already.

Though Andy did try his best by taking the first set yet Roger was just in his own class and became the top-rank player that once he was. With the win, Federer equaled a record seventh Wimbledon title and adding one more to a record grand slam collection that now stands at 17. In doing so, he also returned as number 1 in the world rankings, equaling Sampra’s record of 286 weeks at the top and he will eventually set a new record and reach another unprecedented landmark of 287 weeks as world number one in the coming week.

And with the London Olympic just around the corner, there is no doubt that he will be one of the favorites to win the gold in men’s tennis considering that it will be held on the same grass court. Although Djokovic, Nadal and Murray were also there but there’s nothing simple about beating the guy on the other side of the net if Federer is standing there. An Olympic gold in men’s tennis singles will add to his already illustrious achievements that until now keep eluding him. And if he continues to play the way he has, he’ll have an excellent chance of finishing as number one through the end of the year.

NBImage from wikimedia commons.

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