05 July 2012

Planning of Making another Blog

It was just recently that I was ghost writing some tech blog posts for a friend and I must admit that it was hard to make a bulk assignment with this type of niche. Although it wasn't my first to write some tech gizmos but this one has to be up to date and has to include recent tech buzz. That itself, need some diggings and research and it eventually took 4 days to finish the 15 posts that was assigned to me but of course you also have to consider that I have a day job to do. And at one point I also got a bulk assignment about home improvement and designs but that was finished in lesser time.

And last night, it left me thinking and asking myself if I should be starting my own tech and home design related blogs. Right now I already have three blogs that I constantly updated. I have a medical, health and safety blog (Be a Lifesaver Of Goodness) considering that I worked as a healthcare provider. Then just September of last year, I started my fourth blog which is a travel and photography niche and I called it “Snapshots as they happen”. And my personal blog (humbleopinion by sir rob) that talks about almost everything from the poems I wrote, sports that I love watching and not the one that I tried playing, family, life and so on. It is basically a general type of blog but with limited discussion of my point of view because of the circumstances in the kind of job that I have right now.

If you noticed that I mentioned earlier that I have three blogs and that is true yet I was also talking about my fourth blog that I started last September, it sounds confusing in some ways, right? But what happen is that I already have four blogs but I already get rid of the third blog because I don’t have time anymore to update all of them. How much more if I am going to add another one or two blogs?

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