13 November 2008



Another chapter has ended abruptly
And i don’t like it to happen that way.
I hold on to them,
I keep pursuing them,
Thinking it will just be fine
Cause I don’t want to loose someone for the second time.

But days passed by & years were gone
And there’s nothing I can do to change what I’ve done.
I feel the emptiness of being alone
Yet I just thought I can make it through & hang on.
I’ll wake up tomorrow knowing one thing for sure..
That there are things in life that is difficult to accept,
That great things.. have an end.

Copyright © 2005 sir rob


  1. lol.. here it goes...

    aw.. that's too sad. I was lonely too. ^^v

  2. All things whether good or bad will end. The only thing that won't probably end is the memories that are left behind. On the other hand, we may live a life not struggling to get remembered but just be happy.

  3. The sooner we face endings, the faster we start on the new beginnings.

  4. aww what a sad poem.. but remember, every ending means a new beginning :)

  5. It may sound cliche but for every end, there is always a beautiful beginning :) It may not be the best for the moment but it will eventually turn out to be what we wanted in the first place. :)

  6. and with every ending, comes a new beginning.. :)

  7. oh!!! all of us have those phases, but one thing for sure, we clean up the space for the best things about to come...

  8. enough is enough, move on and cherish now your new life. ^^

  9. This is really a favorite topic for poems but it will always be fresh because we all have our own way of telling it.

  10. You have your own style Sir Rob, a heartfelt one presented in a light way.

  11. Everything is shortlived... only God could provide everyone eternal life if he or she deserves it.

  12. This seems like a lonely poem. Nice composition by the way.

  13. What a very moving poem, I can feel the loneliness and the beauty of it while reading.