04 October 2011

Dexter Season 6 is Back with Unexpected Twist

One of my favorite TV series is back for a sixth season with a startling twist, as if there isn’t any in the past seasons, but this time as I read in many articles and reviews, somewhat a whole lot different from the rest. So if you are Dexter lover and follower then this should be a season for you not to miss. And I think it’s been a year since the shocking and heartbreaking aftermath in the last season from the loss of his wife which I never expected such twists.

This time the Miami Metro blood spatter forensic is back in Dexter Season 6 to become religious. Does Dexter finally see the light? And eventually succumbed to the pressure of having a son and what trait he can pass on to his son? Will he not be back in his serial-killing ways?

image from Showtime wallpapers
This alone is already quite interesting and for sure a mind boggling season again but this one is a different story that hasn’t been explored yet. But the photo ad on the right says it all, how much more with the tag line “The Avenging Angel Returns”. And the serial killer who religiously follows a moral code is the only reason why I like this TV series. And I also like what Sgt. Batista said to Dexter when he asked of how we know if there really is a God.

And of course, Dexter won’t be complete without a love interest on his side. So that’s another thing to expect in season 6 and find out who is this attractive sister of… that’s for you to find out.

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