22 November 2013

Blue Bloods

When I like a certain TV series, I will finish more than four episodes at a single chance of my free time. I have mentioned “chance” in that sentence because we don’t have the luxury to fight with the three-year old toddler as he owns the TV when he is awake and in the house. Not that we tolerate him watching TV all the time but it is because that is his chance to be still at one place in the house. And if you don’t know his time when he is not watching TV then it is like you are watching a track and field tournament. He is like racing with Usain Bolt.

So before the European football season resumes tomorrow, I already had the luxury to finish several episodes of one of my favorite TV series Blue Bloods so I can catch up in the fourth season. Three weeks back, I did finally found a good link with clear online streaming reception and also did a marathon viewing of it during the first leg of the last World Cup qualifying matches.
Anyway, I was hooked up with Blue Bloods as it is not just concentrated being a police procedural drama but also it depicts the life and the decisions they must make in and outside the law enforcement. What’s more interesting is the way they portray how they able to separate their own emotional family feelings from their line of work. They must be fair in making their decision without jeopardizing their support from their family. In fact in so many instances, I found it very hard to decide on what needs to be done when caught in a dilemma. That it is not only being fair for everyone but it also must not violate the law that they are enforcing especially being a Police Commissioner at the same time a father to his two sons who are under him at NYPD.

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