06 December 2010

Tide of Change

The pace of climate change is inevitable, the industrial pollutions and the by products of daily living triggers temperature to get warm faster than most scientist had expected. That is greatly felt in the Arctic region. And one of the climate scientists is reintroducing wild horses, hairy beasts and more grass eating animals into the vast icy land of Siberia in the hope of reducing greenhouse gases to slow the pace of global warming. He is trying to recreate the ice age where we can only be seen during our great grandmother’s time.

He wants to make the vast icy land that supports only a shady larch tree and shrubs into an ecosystem of herbivores and sumptuous grasslands. The scientist believes in the theory that filling it with these animals can somehow slow down the global warming. He further explains that the moment the herbivores settled into millions of species, “it will keep wild grass short and healthy, sending up fresh shoots and the manure will provide nourishment. During winter, the animals trample and flatten the snow that would insulate the ground from the cold air and that helps prevent the frozen ground from melting and releasing powerful greenhouse gases.”

The goal is to see whether the population of grazing animals will regenerate grasslands which would slow or halt the accelerating pace of permafrost meltdown so we won’t be lamenting the unnatural warming of the earth. But the journey is still way far from reality yet for now, results are encouraging, he says. This remote Arctic research posts now has 70 animals in the park but he will be needing thousands of them to eventually see the difference.

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