26 January 2011

Baby Seth Got His Third Vaccines

Today is Baby Seth's Immunization. It's his third set of vaccination as he turned six months nine days ago. He got his OPV3, DPT3, HIB3, HBV3 and PCV3 vaccines. As usual two sets of injection on both his thigh and the loud cry goes off again but he was pacified after a few minutes of hugging and dancing.

We have him took a pediatric medicine for fever when we got home so as not to repeat the episode of fever he got in his fourth month that he got a fever of 38.2. So far, baby is fine but was acting up late at night when his sore thighs are probably aching too.


  1. My nephew had his Hepa vaccination yesterday and he cried so hard! He was so irritable when he came home, but he's quite playful now. He's only a month old

  2. One last vaccine when he gets 9-month old. Fever is normal especially after a DPT immunization and so the midwife/nurse should have told you to prepare paracetamol and give it when the child gets a fever.

    I hope is okay now.


  3. @noypi: It's not 9 months but until he reaches 1 year old and it's not the end of it yet. There are still a lot to come.