04 January 2011

Resilient Little Critters

These resilient little critters are sometimes hard to get rid of but if you know the right way to kill them it’s just so easy to eradicate them. Though there are tendency for them to come back but knowing how they live will give you the most benefit. You don’t have to choke yourself with poisonous pesticides if simple and safe way of killing them is readily available. Bed bugs are easily affected by extreme temperatures but it is much easier to kill them and eradicate their eggs with high temperatures as to stop the cycle.

Using a steam vapor in cleaning the areas where you suspected an infestation is by far the safest and easy way. Wash the linens, beddings and covers using the hottest possible water. Simple vacuuming can help and also beneficial in preventing infestation.  If that is not enough then you can try some natural and organic mixture which is readily available in the market.

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